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Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan said it best: Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.

If you are reading this, then you like video games. There is no other reason to be reading Joystiq. The site has flourished over the past decade because the people running it like video games and the people reading it like video games. The Joystiq community, that place where writers and audience meet and talk, exists because of this single truth: Games are worth something. This we agree on. People are all different, though, and so we see almost everything else differently. This is also good. Diversity, a reasonable discussion of our differing points of view, is why the community can thrive. 

In order for anything good to grow, though, we must create a healthy ecosystem. Our Code of Conduct will aid in transforming our comments section into a safe, reasonable place for discussion, humor and camaraderie. It outlines what behavior is acceptable, what sort of behavior is not, and what we'll be doing to enforce these policies. 

Disagreement and Discussion:

Disagreement isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. This would be a dull place if we all thought the exact same way. Metered, levelheaded discussion is the welcome result of disagreement. Attacks are not. Just because you're passionate doesn't mean you need to attack someone. Any argument can be passionate without being cruel. Remember: when someone challenges your opinion, it is not automatically an attack on you as a person. 


We don't mind the use of adult language, so long as it is not of a sexually explicit nature or in violation of our policies on hate speech and/or name calling, as outlined below. You'll even catch us swearing in our articles from time to time, so it'd be silly of us to request a different sort of behavior from you. If you want to add some pepper to your language, do it. As with all things, just be reasonable.

Be excellent:

Beyond accepting the basic truths – that both disagreement and discussion are healthy and encouraged – all we ask is for you to have fun, speak your mind and above all, be nice. Oh, and don't do anything listed in the next section, lest you find your posts deleted or your account banned.

General meanness/name calling:

Does your comment serve no purpose other than to debase, attack or insult? Then it's gone. We expect our readers to have a basic grasp on the difference between right and wrong. If you wouldn't say something to someone in person, don't say it here. And if you're willing to be brazenly mean, in person or in the comments of a website, then you aren't welcome here at all.

Hate speech:

The Joystiq comments are an open, all-inclusive space. They are LGBTQ-friendly, and welcoming to all races and creeds. Hate is not welcome. Use of any hateful pejoratives, gendered slurs, racist or xenophobic speech will result in swift closure of your account. If you're a racist or are trans/homophobic, go away. It's that simple.

Sexually explicit content:

Posting sexually explicit content in a comment, be it text or a link to an image/video, will result in comment deletion and potentially further, more severe actions depending on the content. No ifs, ands or buts. Or butts.

Instigating/rabble rousing/bickering:

Trolling is as unwelcome as hate. Joystiq reserves the right to take action against any user that maliciously stirs up trouble, lures others users into violating policy or perpetrates any other number of behaviors we deem harmful to the community as a whole. If you post with the sole purpose of making others angry, we will notice and you're done. If you've been trolled, don't engage. Both parties will be tossed out. It takes two to tango, and a zero-tolerance policy is essential if we're going to weed the garden.

Advocating or facilitating piracy:

Sharing links, detailing how-to, or even just encouraging people to go download a pirated version of a game is inexcusable behavior and not welcome in the comments. Pro-piracy comments will be deleted and accounts banned.


We will be actively monitoring comment threads in both hot-topic posts and regular, run-of-the- mill articles, in addition to assessing and (when necessary) actioning each and every comment reported to us through Livefyre's “Flag” feature. Our approach to moderation will be both proactive and reactive, ensuring that we are everywhere we can humanly be. 

Account actions:

The Livefyre comment system doesn't do account suspensions or timeouts – only comment deletion, or out-right account closure. 

Most situations will require that several comments be deleted before an account is closed, but there will inevitably be violations so bad that immediate account closure is our only option. We recognize, however, that education is an important part of effective community leadership and will publicly moderate many comments.

Simple. All these guidelines can be boiled down to the Wild Stallyns ethos. Be excellent to each other and remember that we're all here for precisely the same reason: video games matter. Our consensus binds us together and that will allow us to speak with gusto, with passion, with knowledge, and with open hearts, ears, and eyes. Sally forth, ye readers. Let's talk.

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The Joystiq Podcast

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