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Xbox chief: Minecraft will continue on PlayStation, mobile

When word spread last week that Microsoft was considering a purchase of Mojang and its gaming titan Minecraft, fans were concerned about the game's... Read more

Why did Microsoft pay $2.5 billion for Minecraft creator Mojang?

Microsoft confirmed its $2.5 billion purchase of Minecraft developer Mojang today, with Microsofts's Head of Xbox division Phil Spencer noting that... Read more

NBA 2K15 wonders "What if?" in MyTeam trailer

2K Sports recently offered a new trailer and details for NBA 2K15's MyTeam mode. Similar to EA Sports' various Ultimate Team modes, MyTeam has... Read more

Driveclub additional to regular PS Plus allocation, says Sony [update]

PlayStation Plus members are getting the service's edition of Driveclub on top of next month's regular number of games, according to Sony Europe.... Read more

Destiny claims biggest launch ever for new IP in UK history

Destiny sold more at launch in the UK than any other new intellectual property in gaming history, following Activision's claim it shipped $500... Read more

'Modder' tweaks Destiny to feature infinite ammo

Whether you want to call it a mod, a hack, an exploit or a cheat, the fact remains that the players seen in the videos below the break have found a... Read more

Dubai's wealthy gamers can now purchase a gold PS4, Xbox One

Prominent Dubai retailer Jumbo Electronics has announced plans to unveil custom PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles made of rose gold, claims... Read more

Destiny State of Service: Day Three

This is State of Service, an ongoing review of the online service of a recently launched game. Friday, September 12 | T-minus 27 days until final... Read more

Octodad localized in Japan with a new name, tons of style

When Octodad: Dadliest Catch launches on PS4s in Japan, it'll be with the snazzy new logo seen above, and a fancy localized name: "something like... Read more

This weekend's Destiny event goes 3-vs-3 in the Crucible

Bungie's freshly-launched Destiny is more than just a first-person shooter, it's an MMO-like game with planned community events for players to pepper... Read more

Grand Theft Auto 5 hits PS4, Xbox One Nov. 18; PC in 2015

Rockstar Games announced this morning that the next-gen console versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 will arrive in two months, with the PC version... Read more

Dying Light to rise in January 2015

Dying Light, the free-roaming zombie apocalypse survival game from Call of Juarez and Dead Island developer Techland, will launch January 27, 2015.... Read more

Paul McCartney didn't receive a check for his Destiny work

Paul McCartney contributed to Destiny's soundtrack, but he didn't do it for the money – because there was none, Bungie Community Manager Eric... Read more

August NPD: Madden 15, PS4 score top honors

Madden NFL 15 was the software leader in August, surprising a record-breaking no one. According to the NPD results, Madden's sophomore effort on... Read more

Puke clones attack in latest Styx: Master of Shadows footage

It's not easy making friends when you're a murderous creature of the night, which is why it's so helpful that the goblinoid protagonist of Styx:... Read more

Australia gets The Evil Within maze-style haunted house

In an effort to scare the ever-living-shit out of its fans, Bethesda announced a partnership with Warner Bros. Movie World to craft a real-life maze... Read more

Here's what to do if your PS4 ejects discs unexpectedly

Is your PlayStation 4 ejecting discs without your input, or attempting to eject a non-existent disc when the drive is empty? First off, relax --... Read more

Destiny roundtable with Joystiq on Google and Twitch, plus an Xbox One stream

Destiny makes bold claims right in the title. Bungie named its game after inevitability! While only time will tell if the studio's bold experiment... Read more

Destiny State of Service: Launch Day

This is State of Service, an ongoing review of the online service of a recently launched game. Thursday, September 11 | T-minus 28 days until... Read more

Resident Evil Revelations 2 trailer gatecrashes the party

It's low on revelations, but a new trailer shows Claire Redfield and Moira Burton having the worst Terra Save welcome party ever. Well, minus the... Read more

The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us to hit PS4 & Xbox One soon

Telltale Games narrowed down the release window for its debut on PS4 and Xbox One, with The Walking Dead scheduled for sometime in October. Disc... Read more

Free DLC tracks, cars coming to Driveclub post-launch

Driveclub developer Evolution Studios has revealed new information on the racing game's planned post-launch DLC, a scheme that includes quite a bit... Read more

Battlefield 4 makes a Final Stand in its fifth DLC map pack

After nearly a year of players gunning one another down within the expansive maps of Battlefield 4, publisher EA and developer DICE have revealed the... Read more

Assassin's Creed Unity video steals your attention

Ubisoft issued a new walkthrough video today for Assassin's Creed Unity to showcase the game's cooperative multiplayer mode, taking players through... Read more

Joystiq Streams: Starting Destiny fights in the Crucible

We've poured hours into the game. We took a long hard look at the different classes. Now we're taking the gloves off, spiking up our hair and... Read more

Resident Evil Revelations 2 to debut in four weekly episodes

Capcom will tell tales in Resident Evil Revelations 2 across four downloadable episodes that are due to be released weekly, each priced at $6. The... Read more

Show us your co-op gaming space

When I first mentioned on Twitter (@Sliwinski) I planned on getting a second PlayStation 4 to set up for a couch co-op dual screen Destiny... Read more

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