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Wii U Launch


Evo 2015 line-up announced, double helping of Smash

Super Smash Bros Wii U and Melee are two of the nine games already confirmed for this year's Evolution Championship Series. As revealed during last n... Read more

Club Nintendo closing, 'new loyalty program' on the way

'Club Nintendo is dead, long live the new loyalty program,' is the message from Nintendo this morning, after the company announced it's closing its c... Read more

Drive through this Project Cars trailer

Bandai Namco offered a new trailer for Project Cars today, the upcoming racing game from World of Speed and Need for Speed: Shift developer Slightl... Read more

GTA 5 continues to hold off FIFA & CoD in this week's UK charts

And now for something completely similar: Right now you'd need a microscope to find the week-to-week changes in the UK charts. Nonetheless, it's inte... Read more

First 4 Figures teases a Wind Waker Ganondorf statue

First 4 Figures, makers of highly detailed - and highly priced - video game collectibles, has set its eyes on the Triforce of Power wielder, Ganondor... Read more

Oddworld: New 'n Tasty on Steam next month; Vita, console ports still underway

Just Add Water, developer of Oddworld: New 'n Tasty, is getting ready to distribute the remaining ports for its revisit of the series' origins, and ... Read more

Rock Band survey hints at modern console sequel

Following the recent release of the series' first new DLC in nearly two years, it appears that Harmonix might be gearing up for a new entry in its Ro... Read more

Nintendo Direct Japan: New Rhythm Heaven, Style Savvy games announced

Nintendo fans in Japan saw a slightly different Nintendo Direct presentation earlier this week than their compatriots in North America and Europe, ... Read more

Nintendo: Amiibo sales outpace Smash Bros. Wii U

Mario Kart 8 sold 1.7 million copies in 2014 both digitally and at retail in the United States according to the NPD Group, Nintendo revealed in a pre... Read more

Guacamelee, Runner, Teslagrad and more join Nintendo eShop sale

Nintendo's Super Indie Connection Sale #2 is so on. Own or buy any participating 3DS or Wii U game and get all other games in the sale for 60 percent... Read more

December NPD: Xbox One leads consoles in December, hardware sales surge in 2014

Video game hardware sales saw a significant uptick last year in comparison to 2013, but software sales at retail continue to chart a decline, the NPD... Read more

New Nintendo eShop releases: Get ready, it's 3D After Burner 2

Rrrrrrrr... Vroooooooooooom! Whooooooooom! Fire! Boom! Fire! Boom! Whooooooooooom! Thwoooooooosh! Fire! Boom! Beep beep beep! Be careful! Woooooooooo... Read more

Nintendo Direct wrap-up: New 3DS on Feb. 13 and more

Today's Nintendo Direct dropped some huge news for both the Wii U and the upcoming New 3DS. The biggest announcement is that the New 3DS, which fea... Read more

Splatoon makes a mess of the Wii U in May

Fulfilling a claim made in November's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has revealed that its third-person ink shooter Splatoon will reach the Wii U at some ... Read more

Joystiq Streams: Free to be Super Mario Galaxy 2 for me and Wii U

After more than two years of wondering when Nintendo would finally do the obvious thing, embrace modernity, and allow games for the Wii be downlo... Read more

Mario Party 10 throws an amiibo get-together on March 20

Mario Party 10 will launch on March 20, Nintendo revealed today. The publisher showed off the new "amiibo Party Mode" for the game during its Ninte... Read more

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is the first Nintendo cross-buy game

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars is Nintendo's first cross-buy game, meaning anyone who buys it on 3DS gets the Wii U version as well, and those ... Read more

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse slides to February 20

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will launch on February 20, Nintendo confirmed today. The latest in the platforming series was previously expected to l... Read more

Hyrule Warriors getting Majora's Mask pack next month [Update]

Hyrule Warriors will receive a new piece of downloadable content themed after The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on February 5, Nintendo revealed dur... Read more

'Project Treasure' is a free-to-play, 4-player action game for Wii U

Katsuhiro Harada, famed lover of sunglasses and director of the Tekken series, announced a new game for Wii U from Namco Bandai. Codenamed Project Tr... Read more

Wii games coming to Wii U eShop

Wii games will begin surfacing on the Wii U eShop, Nintendo announced during its Nintendo Direct livestream this morning. Starting today, players wil... Read more

New amiibo announced, coming March 2015 [Update]

Nintendo has revealed a new wave of amiibo figures due on store shelves on March 20. The new amiibo were revealed during today's Nintendo Direct, and... Read more

Watch New 3DS, Spring Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct right here (Update: It's over! Replay now)

Today's Nintendo Direct will focus on spring 2015 Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles. We're also planning (hoping) that a New 3DS release date and price a... Read more

Nintendo's famous easter egg song discovered in Mario Kart 8

For nearly 25 years, Nintendo composer and sound designer Kazumi Totaka has been hiding a signature 19-note melody in games. While he's hardly the f... Read more

2015's first Nintendo Direct airs tomorrow

Nintendo is kicking off the new year with a new Nintendo Direct, but is it on the New 3DS? We're always wary of predicting how these live broadcasts ... Read more

GTA 5 on top again in UK (again)

Inside, you see a very tall man in a bow tie and tuxedo, sitting behind a desk. "Good morning," opens the very tall man, who you now realize is th... Read more

Third-party GameCube adapter fills gap left by Nintendo

Nintendo's GameCube controller adapter for Wii U hasn't been discontinued, but it sure has been hard to find in available stock. Thankfully, where th... Read more

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