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Xbox One Launch


APB: Reloaded to wreak MMO havoc on PS4, Xbox One

Free-to-play PC MMO All Points Bulletin: Reloaded is coming to consoles, thanks to a collaboration between publisher Deep Silver and developers Reloa... Read more

Trials Fusion adds online multiplayer, new DLC hits next week

As promised late last year, developer Redlynx has added online multiplayer gameplay modes to its stunt-platforming motorcycle game Trials Fusion in a... Read more

Fable just the first step in getting more Xbox One games on Windows

It's easy to forget the Xbox's place inside the Windows empire. The bespoke platform is hinged on games and entertainment, looming over the console w... Read more

The hows and whys of time manipulation in Life Is Strange

The latest footage from developer Dontnod's Life Is Strange offers a detailed look at how the game's central time manipulation gimmick is supposed... Read more

Jon Snow brings lack of knowledge to Game of Thrones Episode 2

The second episode of Telltale's six-part Game of Thrones saga debuts early next month, starting February 3 for PC, Mac, PS4 and PS3. Titled "The Lo... Read more

Dos Anjos among cuatro fighters added to EA Sports UFC

A new content pack for EA Sports UFC is now available to download, adding four fighters to the mixed martial arts game's roster. The new fighters inc... Read more

Pelicans' Holiday is T-Rexing in NBA 2K15 glitch video

We're fairly certain that New Orleans Pelicans basketball player Jrue Holiday has perfectly functional arms in real life. As demonstrated by YouTub... Read more

Elders wait for traffic, play Grand Theft Auto 5

The Fine Brothers offered another React Gaming video, but unlike the youthful ones in the past, this one features senior citizens taking Grand Thef... Read more

DmC Definitive is 1080p, 60fps fast in this clip

Definitive and remastered editions are all the rage nowadays, and in some cases a bump in technology can vastly change how a game is played. Tha... Read more

EA Access offers first look at Battlefield Hardline

General PSA for EA Access subscribers, and likely to be similar to the Dragon Age: Inquisition promotion, Battlefield: Hardline will also be availabl... Read more

Alien: Isolation: One million sold, scared

Publisher Sega and developer Creative Assembly are indirectly responsible for one hell of a laundry bill, as it was announced today that Alien: Isola... Read more

Joystiq Streams: Resident Evil HD bites back plus free PS4/PC copies!

A whole lot of superstars in this game here tonight, but I want you all to know one thing: This is Resident Evil in high definition. Whose blood? Chr... Read more

Rash, Zitz, Pimple: Who's ready for new Battletoads?

Phil Spencer, ever the scamp, gave old school Rare fans a case of the vapors when he wore a Battletoads t-shirt during Wednesday's Windows 10 press c... Read more

Xbox apps, DVR, cross-platform streaming heads to Windows 10 [Update: Video]

Windows 10 will feature Xbox system-level apps, including friends lists, activity feeds, messages, clip sharing and clip recording services, Micro... Read more

Stream Xbox One games to any Windows 10 device later this year

Microsoft has announced that Xbox One owners will soon be able to stream their library of games to any Windows 10 device, later this year. "With W... Read more

Lawsuit alleges EA infringed on sports stadium update patent

White Knuckle IP filed a lawsuit late last week against EA, alleging that the publisher infringed on a patent that focuses on methods for updating sp... Read more

Joystiq Discussions: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the deliceous typo

Everyone makes mistakes. Chances are that in the process of writing this I've misspelled a word, mucked up my punctuation or grammar, at least once. ... Read more

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition is $63 via Wal Mart

The Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition is $62.76 for both Xbox One and PS4 on Wal Mart's site, though it's unclear why or for how long. The Limite... Read more

Exo Zombies invade Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer

The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare shows off the game's upcoming downloadable content, Exo Zombies. Arriving as part of the firs... Read more

Evo 2015 line-up announced, double helping of Smash

Super Smash Bros Wii U and Melee are two of the nine games already confirmed for this year's Evolution Championship Series. As revealed during last n... Read more

Sunset Overdrive sale for Gold members, new achievements

Sunset Overdrive is on sale for Xbox Live Gold members, 40 percent off its normal tag of $60, making it a cool $36. The sale is on for "a limited tim... Read more

Joystiq Streams: Sex, lies, You Don't Know Jack, and free PS4/XB1 games

Something happens to people when they play anything made by Jackbox Games. You Don't Know Jack, Fibbage, Lie Swatter; these games bring out a cac... Read more

Magnetic: Cage Closed entering dark portal in March

Swedish developer Guru Games announced a new first-person puzzle game this week, Magnetic: Cage Closed. Slated to launch in March for PC via Steam,... Read more

Get prepped for State of Decay: Year One on Xbox One in April

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition fights for more life on Xbox One starting April 28 in North America, with other countries joining the party... Read more

Ori and the Blind Forest lights up Xbox One & PC this March

Ori and the Blind Forest is set to mix beauty with beastly platforming when it hits Xbox One and PC on March 11. Moon Studios' side-scroller is price... Read more

Screamride: For those who dream of disaster

It's only fair to start this with an apology to Screamride, which joins us just as every second game gets to be called a 'roller coaster ride,' usual... Read more

Borderlands 2, Pre-Sequel bundle announced for PS4, Xbox One

Let's be honest, we all saw this coming: Publisher 2K has assembled The Handsome Collection, which includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Se... Read more

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The Xbox One is a sophisticated, all-in-one device that ropes in games, television, entertainment apps and personal fitness. We're documenting this One's launch from beginning to end, telling you which games to play, which apps to snap and how we hurt ourselves with P90X.