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35 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay

If you didn't have the opportunity to travel all the way to Gamescom last week and check out the latest footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in action, are you ever in luck right now! Here's 35 minutes taken directly from the presentation at last week's show.

Now, there are some elements from the Gamescom presentation missing in the video and we should point these out for you. First, you won't have to make an appointment to see it. Next, you won't be packed into a really warm room with comfy chairs where you may or may not fall asleep on your boss' shoulder (Sorry, Ludwig). Three ... no, seriously, accidentally snuggling your boss gets really weird quick.

Check out the video after the break. The video of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, not of me snuggling Ludwig. That'll require a Joystiq Premium membership.

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All of the nightmares live in Five Nights at Freddy's

We found where the nightmares live. They reside at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a fictional children's eatery featuring animatronic singing animals that wander the crusty, marinara-stained halls at night.

In Five Nights at Freddy's, you're the security guard who must keep the robots at bay each night. You watch the giant animals on a series of security monitors – until your limited power supply cuts out and the lights go dark. Then all of the doors are disabled and you're at the mercy of whatever lurks behind those giant, dead eyes.

Yeah. Nightmares. Five Nights at Freddy's was Greenlit via Steam and is now out on PC for $5. One dollar for each night, or for the number of times you'll say "NOPE" and force quit the game. Per minute.
[Image: Scott Cawthon]

Burn, crush your jelly pals in Gang Beasts from Double Fine

Gang Beasts is a silly, brutal brawler starring four jelly-boned fighters in local co-op matches, and it's now getting publishing support from Double Fine. The game comes from three brothers at UK studio Boneloaf, and it combines ragdoll physics, environmental hazards and gummy-bear-style characters in four-player deathmatches.

Gang Beasts is due out in a shiny new alpha version on Steam on August 29, Double Fine announced today. "The game is a local multiplayer brawler in the style of Streets of Rage or Double Dragon that allows you and your buddies to fight alongside each other and face off head to head," Double Fine said. "It's a jolly good time full of silly procedural animation and ragdoll physics that will no doubt insight giggles and guffaws."

Gang Beasts tore up the Indie Megabooth at Gamescom last week, and next it's heading to PAX Prime (Double Fine booth No. 117) and Fantastic Arcade.
[Image: Double Fine]

Forza Horizon 2 adds 28 more cars to its extensive roster

It's been 11 days since we last checked in on the 200-strong vehicle roster developer Playground Games is slowly unveiling for open-world racer Forza Horizon 2, and in that time the developer has introduced another 28 cars, both exotic and commonplace.

On the all-time classic side of things, we have mid-century gems like the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe and the gorgeous, exceedingly British 1958 Aston Martin DBR1. If you prefer your older cars a bit more muscular and hailing from the hallowed automotive plants of Detroit, Michigan, Forza Horizon 2 will also include the 1968 Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock. For those who wouldn't set foot in anything older than a Disney Channel starlet, Forza Horizon 2 includes a surprisingly fun duo of agile cars that won't break the bank: the 2013 Subaru BRZ and the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. Of course, if your budget is infinite and you just want a car that can go as fast as possible while looking really, timelessly cool, you could instead opt for the classic 1993 McLaren F1 pictured above.

Keep in mind, these are just the highlights of the latest vehicles to join Forza Horizon 2. For a proper look under the hood, you'll need to visit the Xbox Wire car showcase where Playground Games is unveiling new cars every week in the run up to the September 30 launch of Forza Horizon 2.

Pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend delayed to September

Sorry lovebirds, but the pigeon of your dreams won't land until September. Hatoful Boyfriend, the world's finest (and, as far as we know, only) pigeon dating simulator has been delayed from August 21 to September 4.

For those unaware, Hatoful Boyfriend is a largely typical Japanese dating sim, only in lieu of waifish teenagers, your prospective mates all happen to be pigeons. Common pigeons, tough pigeons, especially fancy pigeons - whatever sort of teenaged male archetype you'd typically be into is represented in pigeon form. This bizarre twist earned Hatoful Boyfriend a cult following, which eventually spawned an agreement to localize the game for English-language territories.

Publisher Devolver Digital has offered no explanation for the delay, beyond a note that the game "needs a just a little more TLC before it's ready to hatch." Once this issue is cleared up, Hatoful Boyfriend will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.
[Image: Devolver Digital]

Adorable BlazBlue action spinoff hits 3DS this week

Developer Arc System Works, a studio most famous for hyper-kinetic 2D fighters, will launch BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma on the 3DS eShop on August 21.

Unlike its traditional fighting game predecessors, BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma is a 3D action game that renders the BlazBlue cast as tiny, super-deformed, cutesy versions of developer Arc System Works' typically elaborate character designs. The goal remains "defeat your opponent," but in lieu of flashy combos the giant-headed characters attempt to knock one another off a given stage. This gameplay shift renders BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma more simplistic than its fighting game forebears, but that aligns with the game's budget $6 price tag.

Unfortunately, BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma does not feature online multiplayer. This omission will likely shorten its shelf life, in much the same way that 2010's BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale proved a momentary distraction, but lacked enough long-term depth to draw players from the series' fighting game core.
[Image: Arc System Works]

Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 packs Deadlight, Van Helsing and GalCiv 2

A new Humble Bundle is upon us, this time packing a handful of big games. The Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 includes Deadlight, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Complete Pack and Galactic Civilizations 2: Ultimate Edition in the organizations standard "name your price" package. Beating the average price adds a trio of other big games: Terraria, Crusader Kings 2 (plus three expansions) and The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition.

Paying $15 for the set will give players all six titles, along with the Age of Empires Legacy Bundle.

The bundle runs for two weeks, supporting the American Red Cross and Child's Play Charity.
[Image: Tequila Works]

Shadowrun's standalone Dragonfall Director's Cut arrives Sept. 18

The standalone, "Director's Cut" version of the Shadowrun Returns DLC Dragonfall will arrive on September 18, developer Harebrained Schemes has revealed.

The updated version of the downloadable content features new missions, music, and improvements to the user interface and combat systems. The Director's Cut also introduces new mechanics, such as an armor system. Because the Director's Cut makes big changes to the core game, characters and save files from the original DLC will not carry over. "Since we reworked and added so much to the Director's Cut, loading a DLC save would cause parts of the game to not make sense - both functionally and narratively speaking," an update on the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter page noted.

Kickstarter backers of Shadowrun Returns and any players that have purchased the DLC will receive the standalone version for free. Those new to the world of Dragonfall may purchase the standalone Director's Cut, which will replace the DLC version currently available by digital distributors, for $14.99.
[Image: Harebrained Schemes]

Bloodborne has Dark Souls in its veins

When Sony showed us Bloodborne at E3, it was like that disconcertingly racy feeling of seeing someone you really like and then realizing it's their younger, even more attractive sibling. It looked like a Souls game, albeit one even deeper into a goth phase, but bits and pieces felt weirdly unfamiliar. After putting hundreds of hours into three such similar games, it was surreal to sense the shifts in something that clearly has its roots in the Souls series, even if it doesn't share a surname.

I think what I needed was hands-on time, and that's what I got at Gamescom, even if it was for just 15 minutes. Once I picked up the DualShock and navigated the shadowy hero along the game's cobblestone alleys, things began to click. It was like stepping into a pair of your favorite shoes, but using them to ride a brand new bike. While wielding a shotgun.

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GTA Online's San Andreas Flight School update takes off today

Rockstar's latest update for GTA Online earns its wings today on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, giving Grand Theft Auto 5 players access to ten new flight-focused missions.

The San Andreas Flight School Update introduces new planes that players can pilot in a collection of themed Race, Capture, Parachute Jump missions. The update also adds new aerial competitive modes, including the flag-capturing Acquire Targets mode and the Air Force Zero base defense mission.

Rockstar will host an experience-boosting weekend event starting this Friday to commemorate GTA 5's latest update, and 14 new Jobs have launched to give players a chance to earn more in-game cash and reputation points. A full list of changes introduced in today's title update is available at Rockstar's support site.

[Image: Rockstar Games]

Valve just might make that Team Fortress 2 shirt you designed

Valve is giving a chance to the visionaries (and drunk idiots) that have shaped this great land by enhancing common items, paving the way to beer hats and tuxedo-stamped shirts. For a limited time, Valve is inviting other dreamers to join the fray by submitting their own t-shirt and poster designs to be voted on by the Team Fortress 2 community.

"Once the votes are in, we'll curate the top-rated entries, and the best of the best designs will be made available as official merchandise at the Valve Store and various online retailers," a post on the Team Fortress 2 blog announced. "You won't just be ensuring your place in history: You'll also get paid a handsome royalty for every unit sold." Check out the official FAQ for more information on submitting an idea.

Valve has been in the business of selling hats and other apparel for years ... and now you can, too!
[Image: Valve]

Destiny writer joins Telltale Games, seeks the iron throne

Destiny writer Joshua Rubin left Bungie for Telltale Games, announcing his departure via Twitter after two years with the developer. Rubin will be working on Telltale's take on the Game of Thrones franchise, and noted that the creators of the HBO television series, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have "set an incredibly high standard for writing" and that Rubin is "inspired by their work every season."

"In the end, Bungie makes games about shooting aliens in the head," Rubin told Gamasutra. "And while there's a true art to 'writing between the bullets' - as Mr. Staten once said - I couldn't turn down an offer from Telltale, to create games that are entirely about story." Telltale announced its spin on Game of Thrones in December during the VGX awards, just weeks after reports about the game surfaced. Destiny will launch September 9 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.
[Image: Telltale Games]

Hotline Miami 2 footage leaks, action figure nears funding goal

Two big pieces of news for Hotline Miami fans: Not only has nearly an hour and a half of footage from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number appeared on the 'net, but a 12" action figure based on Hotline Miami protagonist Jacket is currently nearing its crowdfunding goal.

The figure, a collaboration between ESC Toy, Dennaton Games, and Devolver Digital, is a 1/6 replica of its murderous virtual source material and includes the character's trademark letterman jacket, interchangeable heads featuring a number of the game's more popular masks, and a complement of weaponry taken from the top-down action gorefest. This figure was only posted to Kickstarter earlier today, but there should be no doubts about its success. Of the $60,000 the toy makers were seeking, the figure has already attracted just over $53,000 and there are 31 days remaining in its fundraiser.

On the opposite side of things, a YouTube user under the name "LennyReviews" has uploaded the first two acts of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number to the ubiquitous video sharing service. Hotline Miami 2 won't officially debut until later this year, so if you're allergic to spoilers you should probably avoid the clip past the break.
[Image: Devolver Digital]

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Joystiq Streams: Mega Man + Metroid + Castle Pixel = Rex Rocket [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

Some people call Rex Rocket a space cowboy. Some people call him the gangster of love. Know this, though: When he travels across a ravaged universe like an interstellar Jason Statham, transporting scientists away from vicious robots, nobody ever calls him Maurice. Not even when he speaks of the pompitous of love.

Rex Rocket, a slick slice of platforming righteousness made by the good people at Castle Pixel, gleefully taps the vein of classic video games. Wrought in the style of Mega Man and Metroid, but embracing the bright, black-lined coloring of 16-bit era games, it pits its space faring hero against deadly spikes, automatons, and other threats to scientists in the future. Joystiq Streams cannot resist such challenges.

We're streaming a solid hour of Rex Rocket starting at 4PM EST on Creators Tyler Bud and Rob Maher will be on hand to talk about the game and hang out in the chat. Anthony John Agnello will be trying to survive the robot onslaught while Alexander Sliwinski asks your questions on air.

Joystiq Streams broadcasts live on Tuesdays and Thursday at 4PM EST on, but other streams go live all the time, so make sure to follow us on Twitch.
[Images: Castle Pixel]

Freedom Wars does battle in NA, Europe on October 29

Freedom Wars is coming to the PlayStation Vita on October 29 in North America and Europe and on October 31 in the UK. The action role-playing game is a collaboration between God Eater creators Shift, Street Fighter X Tekken co-developer Dimps and Sony's Japanese Studio.

Participating retailers are offering "the same pre-order DLC as the original Japan release," a post on the PlayStation Blog announced. Ordering the game gives players access to a limited edition costume, powerful starter weapons, limited edition in-game sticker set and a combat pack item. Digital purchases between October 28 and November 11 will include the bonuses.

When Freedom Wars found its way to stores in Japan this past June, the game climbed to the second-highest debut for the PlayStation Vita in the region, selling over 188,000 copies. Not a complete shock for a Monster Hunter-style game in the region where Capcom's franchise is king.

Freedom Wars is priced at $29.99/ €29.99/ £24.99.

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