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New Nintendo eShop releases: Pushmo World, Another World, some other worlds

Loads of new eShop games this week, though it's fair to say there are standouts. Top of the pile in more ways than one is Pushmo World on Wii U, with 250 block-pushing puzzles to solve this time around.

Meanwhile, Iconic 1991 cinematic adventure Another World is doing the rounds again, and that includes Wii U and 3DS. It didn't take as long as Another World, but How to Survive hits Wii U finally this week too. If you prefer something a bit more sedate, Farming Simulator '14 has a few jobs for you on 3DS.

As ever, we've got all the new releases below the break. That just leaves sales to talk ab-oh man, there are a few of those too. When the eShop updates, Toki Tori 2+ and Fractured Soul will both be discounted to $6 until July 3, while Shin Megami Tensei 4 is $25 until June 23. You can find more on the new eShop sales here.

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Hello Games wants No Man's Sky to surprise you

We still don't know much about No Man's Sky, but after seeing a live demonstration we can say it was one of the most intriguing projects on display at E3 this year. So far, we know that it allows players to explore a full, unique universe, every bit of which is procedurally generated – planets, plants, animals, spaceships, buildings, everything. It's still difficult to tell what will drive players to explore that universe, but Hello Games founder and managing director Sean Murray says some of the game's key factors are surprise and discovery. In one moment, you might be naming a new species of dinosaur, in another you might be engaged in a space dogfight with a hostile alien race.

"I really like that when I play the game, those things naturally happen, naturally emerge," says Murray. "And sometimes you're just not sure why, and you have to start to learn a little bit more about the universe." Video game players have become inundated with information, he says, which makes it hard to be surprised by a game.

"I think we've become really good at telling you everything you need to know about a game before you play it, to the point where you pretty much know how it starts, you know where you'll be in the middle, and you know how it'll end. I mean, I played Watch Dogs, and I actually really enjoyed it, but I had watched like 13 different videos about it before I played it, and there was so little surprise left for me," says Murray. "And I think we want to leave that a little bit for the player. This is a game about exploration, not in a kind of ambient way, not in a way that is just laid back and boring, [but] in a sci-fi way, which is kind of adventure and discovery."

Thomas Was Alone updated for iPad with new friends, jetpack

Minimalistic, story-driven platformer Thomas Was Alone received an update on iPad today that brings the Benjamin's Flight content to the device for free. The DLC previously launched on PlayStation systems, and includes three new characters and 20 levels. Creator Mike Bithell told Joystiq the DLC will arrive on desktop systems "very, very soon."

The new levels give players additional puzzles to solve using the jetpack attached to Benjamin, a young square in search of the Fountain of Youth. Benjamin's Flight offers a "new story about hope and the wild impetuosity of youth," but honestly, we were already sold on the jetpacks part. Bossa Studios is offering Thomas Was Alone at a discount to celebrate the free update for a limited time; it is currently $5.99 (£3.99), down from $9 (£6/8 euros) when it launched on iPad in May.
[Image: Bossa Studios]

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Watch Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's E3 demo

Image Snake? Yo, Snake? Snake! Oh, there you are. Hey Snake, check it: You've read our E3 preview of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and its animal-ballooning hijinks. Now watch all 30 minutes of the E3 demo for yourself in this recorded Konami stream. [Image: Konami]... Continue Reading

Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity looks old, and that's good news

Pitched as a return to the days of games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment – isometric RPGs developed on BioWare's Infinity Engine – Pillars of Eternity from Obsidian is decidedly old-school. Where other games may tout streamlined gameplay and accessibility, Pillars holds its stats-based and number-heavy head up high as it walks through environments befitting a medieval fantasy world.

This isn't a revolution or new beginning for the genre, but a return to form.

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Take a minute for Sixty Second Shooter Prime on Xbox One

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is the latest ID@Xbox graduate to join the Xbox One ranks, and it's available right now for $5/£4. The name drives at the hook of Jamie Fristrom's game: you've got one life, 60 seconds, and a lot of procedurally generated shapes to shoot down, multipliers to earn and points to rack up.

The minute twin-stick shooter started life as a Chrome web game before coming to PlayStation Mobile in a Deluxe version. Now SSS Prime promises improved visuals on Xbox One, along with a new soundtrack and social leaderboards. The big new addition looks to be the "theoretically" endless Infinity mode, though creator Jamie Fristrom confesses he's only been able to survive a few minutes.

With SSS Prime developed and released, Fristrom has returned to developing swinging action game Energy Hook. The Spider-Man 2 designer asked Kickstarter backers if he could delay his new game for the Xbox One port of SSS. The overwhelming majority supported Fristrom, as did Sony despite Energy Hook launching first on PS4 and Vita.
[Image: Microsoft]

Conan 'Clueless Gamer' O'Brien luges through E3

Conan O'Brien may have not been the only clueless gamer at E3, but the TV star's take on gaming's annual LA-palooza is always worth a watch. After talking and playing Entwined, Forza 5, Sunset Overdrive, Project Morpheus and Kevin Spacey In Your Face, things get a bit creepy when 100 Nintendo ladies watch Conan firestorm Hyrule Warriors.

There's more Clueless Gamer below the break with Conan playing Super Smash Bros Wii U.

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Xbox One seeks asylum, Outlast available now with DLC

Xbox One players can book some time at the Mount Massive Asylum, now that Outlast has made the jump from PS4 and PC to the Microsoft system. Red Barrels' mentally ill horror is $20/£16 on the Xbox One store, while its Whistleblower DLC is also available for $9/£7.19.

As our review explains, Outlast's DLC picks up where the main game left off, i.e. with your heartbeat pounding. "Everything in Whistleblower is turned up to 11," Joystiq's Jess Conditt screamed as she sprinted down the hallway, "the blood, the twisting layout of the building, the number of bodies hanging from the rafters, the nudity and the sexual exploits of the patients of Mount Massive Asylum."

If you yet to complete the game, you really should. After all, nice guys finish Outlast*.
[Image: Microsoft]
*we regret nothing

Check out your sweet Xbox One achievements online

Image Xbox has updated its site to include achievement listings for Xbox One games you've played. You'll need to log in, but all of your wonderful Xbox One accomplishments should be on display right here.... Continue Reading

Trials Fusion demo hits Xbox One, tournaments come online

If you'd like to try before you die awkwardly in a Finnish-made motorcycle gauntlet from hell, try downloading the Trials Fusion demo that just became available on Xbox One. To access it, simply say "Xbox, I wish to see a man suffer."

Ubisoft has also announced a free update to the RedLynx-developed game, available now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PC.

The update activates online tournaments that dole out prizes like rider outfits, experience points, in-game cash and shiny bike bits to the best players. Tournaments are based on leaderboards – they open for a limited time and log your best scores across a set number of events. If you keep your momentum up and bone-smashing tumbles to a minimum, you'll place highly and receive in-game goodies.
[Image: Ubisoft]

This is you in Far Cry 4

Image Ubisoft has released a good shot of Ajay Ghale, the protagonist of Far Cry 4. Why bother showing the face behind a first-person shooter? Well, as I wrote earlier this week, Ghale represents an important change from who we were in Far Cry 3. [Image: Ubisoft]... Continue Reading

Team Fortress 2 'Love and War' update rolls on, adds weapons and gluten

After adding a handful of colorful taunts to its free-to-play shooter, Valve has rolled out a mix of new weapons and items available for Team Fortress 2 as part of its "Love and War" update.

Items featured in today's update include, but are not limited to: The Back Scatter, a scattergun with the ability to minicrit when used on enemies at close range from behind; The Tide Turner, a shield with solid resist bonuses; a parachute for slower descents; a new sniper rifle with the ability to charge shots; and a rocket launcher, which launches rockets according to the instructional manual.

There's also a limited edition item – the breadbox – that players can craft to earn access to a number of gluten-based items featured in Valve's recent TF2 short film, Expiration Date.

PS4 pre-loading starts soon with prominent pre-orders

The PlayStation 4 will soon support pre-loading via the PlayStation Store, starting with Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, due on June 24. As will be the case with all pre-orders going live after May 20, Sony says, you'll be able to download the game's files a few days in advance of its release date (even from standby mode), after which it will become unlocked on your console.

While this is a convenient feature for those who prefer not to buy discs at retail, it also acts as an incentive for pre-orders made through PlayStation. Each pre-order page on the American PlayStation store comes with a clear all-caps warning: "CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE EXCEPT WHERE REQUIRED BY LAW."

The PlayStation Store is opening up pre-orders for most major games, including new PS3 games and PS4 exclusives like Bloodborne and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End both fresh out of E3 and still without release dates.
[Image: SCEA]

Kasumi clone 'Phase-4' joins Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate roster

Because Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate can never have enough slight variations on franchise protagonist Kasumi, the developer has unveiled "Phase-4," a new character who is quite literally a clone of the series' most famous kunoichi.

Unveiled alongside the 1.07 patch (which squashes a handful of bugs, but is otherwise largely focused on fleshing out Phase-4), this latest iteration of Kasumi shares a few of the original's moves, though as you can see in the above trailer, Phase-4 adds a unique, smoky touch to everything she does. Even her alternate costumes are mysterious. They all seem to bear the trademark hyper-sexuality that Team Ninja infuses into all of its games, but Phase-4's various costumes generally revolve around a hood, making her the most brooding, angsty version of Kasumi to date.

Publisher Tecmo Koei has a long history of releasing dozens of paid DLC offerings for its games, and Phase-4 is no exception. Those hoping to add the new fighter to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate face a $6 cover charge. Assuming you've got that kind of cash, Phase-4 can now be found on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Plants vs. Zombies brings the turf war to K'NEX

K'NEX is making a line of Plants vs. Zombies toy sets, ranging from adorable mystery figurines to large battlegrounds.

The following Plants vs. Zombies K'NEX sets are available now: Mystery Figure Bags, a Pirate Ship set, Wall-nut Bowling set, Cone Mech set, Football Mech set, Wild West Skirmish set, Jetpack Zombie Attack set and Pirate Seas Plank Walk set. The Pirate Seas set is the most expensive at $50, while the Mystery Figure Bags are $4 each, and the rest fill in the gaps.

Now it's possible not only to play Plants vs. Zombies in your living room, but all over your living room.
[Image: K'NEX]

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