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Mega Man 7 acquires Wii U power, now available on eShop

Mega Man 7, a rare SNES game featuring Capcom's "Blue Bomber," is no longer quite so hard to find; it's waiting patiently in the eShop, so that you and every other Wii U owner can give it a spin.

"Released somewhat late in the SNES cycle, Mega Man 7 somewhat slipped through the cracks during its initial release," Capcom community manager Brett Elston wrote on the company's blog, where he announced the release.

There's more than a handful of Mega Man games available via Wii U now - Mega Man 1-7, Mega Man X and Mega Man: Battle Network to name a few. As for the number of evil robots defeated by the automaton hero, Mega Man 7 brings the number up to ... uh ... a lot.
[Image: Capcom]

Credit-stealing space cows and other Mass Effect series facts

A new video from the folks over at Did You Know Gaming will take you on a space odyssey, as guest host Really Freakin Clever narrates little-known bits of trivia related to the Mass Effect series.

There's a lot of behind-the-scenes information here that explores the series' origins, as well as why the iconic races look the way they do. The Krogan, for example, were created by combining attributes of bugs and bats, while Salarian scientist Mordin's grizzled look was inspired by Clint Eastwood. Oh, and then there's that shifty space cow out to steal your money.

Yes, that is a real thing in the original Mass Effect. Want to see it in action and learn some more interesting facts? Check out the video after the break.

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Massively's ArcheAge launch diary: Day two - Classes, skills, combat

Welcome to day two of Massively's ArcheAge launch diary. Technically, by the time you read this, it'll be day three, but you know how these things work. And I know, I know, it's not really launch; it's head start. But Trion's not wiping this weekend's progression, so I'm going to keep referring to this as a launch diary!

Thanks to a bunch of virginal script kiddies who thought it would be cool to DDoS the ArcheAge servers on Saturday, I didn't get to play all freakin' afternoon as planned. That's OK, though, because we've got a lot to talk about with regard to the game's basic mechanics.

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Elite: Dangerous' pre-order incentives include a new ride

Prior to the upcoming Elite: Dangerous, the series' last space venture was in 1995. Dusting off the old ships in your hanger is always an option, but what about the wiring? Are you sure that's still up to code? Did you ever clean the remnants of your intergalactic fast food stops out from the cockpit? You could spend a weekend bringing your ship back to speed, or you could just pre-order Elite: Dangerous - Mercenary Edition for $50 and make a new Eagle fighter your primary ride.

Aside from a new ship, pre-ordering grants eager pilots a pack of paint jobs, a "Day One" ship decal, a digital players' guide and concept art book, and "more digital goodies" that will be announced over the coming weeks. Mercenary Edition's listing also notes this content is exclusive to pre-orders, which could keep sightings of your model fairly uncommon in the vastness of space.

Elite: Dangerous is due to make contact with PC and Mac in 2014, though anyone willing to part with $75 can get into the beta today.
[Image: Frontier Developments]

Guide a jellyfish swarm under the sea in Jelly Reef

How do you guide a bloom of jellyfish to the ocean floor if you can't actually speak their language? You inherit the power to guide oceanic currents and push them to safety using the water around them. The thought of a life-defining force bending to the finger swipes of an onmiprescent higher power may terrify some, but that doesn't seem to be the case in Game Oven's Jelly Reef. Look at their peppy little faces – they're just happy to be here!

In Game Oven's stark departure from its ballet-supplementing Bounden, players will dodge hazards, dive into secret paths and gather jelly eggs spread through 26 levels. Their jellyfish swarm will cross paths with non-aggressive forms of sealife as well, with creatures like a crab, starfish and manta ray awaiting help with their own mini-stories.

Jelly Reef is due to take a dip on Windows Phones by the end of 2014, with a release on iOS and Android following sometime next year.
[Image: Game Oven]

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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup's destiny lies in the stars

It's been a long time coming, but Bungie's Destiny is finally here. We don't have a final word / review up yet, but if you're dying to know what we think, you can always check out our roundtable discussion or any of the other articles we have on the game.

But Destiny is not the only game featuring space-faring heroes on a quest to save the galaxy. Bungie's own Halo games were quite similar in many ways to their new quasi-MMO shooter, and BioWare's Mass Effect trilogy is well-regarded as a defining series of the previous generation of gaming. So my question to you is: What's your favorite starbound game? What's the most fun you've had with a sci-fi setting in video games?

Tell us your answer in the comments, but make sure to vote for your favorite webcomic after the break, too!

Penny Arcade (Face Time)
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (You are aware of how marine mammals work, right?)
Critical Miss (Destiny's Plot Explained)
ReadySoup (NSFW) (My Hands Are Tied)
Awkward Zombie (World Weary)
VG Cats (2.B.A. Master)

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Fotonica is dashing into the distance on iOS right now

After getting a running start on PC, Mac and Ouya, Fotonica has leaped to iOS devices to continue sprinting through wireframe environments at a breakneck speed. At $2.99, developer Santa Ragione's one-button runner is a reasonably-priced chance to fry your brain trying to jump, glide and dash through Fotonica's seven levels. If you need something beyond personal bests to conquer, you can also share half your screen with a friend for Fotonica's two-player mode.

Staring at still images of Fotonica doesn't quite get its sense of speed across though – check its iOS launch trailer after the break to fully realize its blazing pace.
[Image: Santa Ragione]

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Shovel Knight digs a tunnel to Mac, Linux version coming

Shovel Knight has pogo-hopped his way to Mac computers, developer Yacht Club Games announced via its Steam and Kickstarter pages earlier this week. Steam users on Mac need not take any extra steps to get their copies up and running, but those who prefer to go through GOG and the Humble Store should keep an eye out for when new builds become available.

Linux support is still incoming, with no specified release date. Likewise, versions for Europe and Australia are in development. "We are so sorry this has taken so long ... and we are preemptively sorry on how much longer it's going to take," Yacht Club Games wrote in its Kickstarter update.

We can't say we're terribly surprised, considering how long it must take to dig through all that code using a shovel. Hyuck hyuck!
[Image: Yacht Club Games]

Excavated ET cartridges will be sold, distributed to museums

Remember when Xbox Entertainment Studios and Lightbox Entertainment spent a weekend digging up a bunch of Atari cartridges from a landfill? Both studios may have gotten the documentary footage they were looking for, but what do you do with the cartridges after the joy of proving an urban tale fades? In the case of Alamogordo, the town that has jurisdiction over said landfill, you sell more than half of them.

Reuters reports that the Alamogordo City Council voted 7-0 on Tuesday to sell around 800 of the 1,300 excavated games, with listings to be hosted on eBay and the council's website. The haul includes hundreds of copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the keystone of Atari's video game burial story. Joe Lewandowski, who served as dig site supervisor when Microsoft, Lightbox and a small crowd watched excavators dig up trash in the desert, told Retuers that sales should begin in two weeks and wrap by Christmas.

As for the 500 other cartridges, the City of Alamogordo intends to keep some as mementos, with the rest being donated to museums worldwide. You know what they say: One city's trash is another museum's piece of video game history.
[Image: Microsoft]

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-'s Limited Edition detailed

North American Guilty Gear fans can spend anywhere from $50 to $80 on the incoming Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (pronunciation help here), depending on how many real-world trinkets they'd like and the console they intend to drain life meters on. As preorder pages from Amazon dictate, a Standard Edition copy of Xrd -SIGN- on PS3 will go for $50, with its PS4 counterpart running for $60. Xrd -SIGN-'s North American-exclusive Limited Edition will follow the same pattern, with the PS3 version costing $70 and the PS4 build pulling off an $80 combo on wallets.

As for what makes the Limited Edition so special, a press release from publisher Aksys notes the bonuses of an outer box styled after the series' Backyard, complete with "gears and high-quality binding," a soundtrack arranged by series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari, and a roster-encompassing art book that also includes work for Gear XX Accent Core Plus and Guilty Gear 2 Overture. A keychain replica of Sol's belt buckle with the word "Free" carved in rounds out the offering.

Though preorders are live, the press release only offers up a holiday season launch window, so we'll have to wait a little longer to learn when exactly it'll be time to rock. Regardless of which version you purchase however, Xrd -SIGN-'s crossplay compatibility means PS3 and PS4 owners will eventually all be fighting in the same community.
[Image: Aksys Games]

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Report: Microsoft to announce Mojang acquisition on Monday

Fans of alliteration, try this tongue-twister on for size: "Minecraft maker Mojang to merge with Microsoft." Better hurry though, because according to reports from Reuters, the rumored acquisition will be announced Monday, September 15, giving you just a couple days to practice the M-heavy news.

Reuters also suggests that Microsoft acquiring Mojang is less about the company's presence in the PC and console markets, and more about helping boost its struggling mobile sector - Windows Phone and Surface tablets. Considering that almost 40 percent of Minecraft's 54 million copies sold were for the game's Pocket Edition, it would make sense that Microsoft would want a piece of that pixelated pie.

Still, with no official word from Microsoft or Mojang, we'll have to wait and see what happens come Monday.
[Image: Mojang]

Report: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to be released November 21

A photo of a pre-order card for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros., supposedly from retail store Fred Meyer, has allegedly pegged the date that Nintendo's brawler will arrive in North America as November 21. Twitter user BluesDriveBuster shared the photo last evening, accompanied by text reading, "Official Smash WiiU release."

It should be noted however, that this is not an official release date, at least not one formally announced by Nintendo; we've yet to hear such a date from the big N itself. Even the pre-order card states that the release date supposedly printed on the label is subject to change.

Still, considering that Nintendo hasn't yet backed off of its previously-announced "winter 2014" release window and that November 21 is a Friday - a day of the week which Nintendo is fond of releasing major games on - there's enough substance here to make this supposed leak at least somewhat believable. Not enough that you should take it at face value of course, but enough that it's worth acknowledging.
[Image: BluesDriveBuster]

Spider-Man: Unlimited is an endless web-swinger

Face front, true believers! Or rather, face your smartphones and tablets, because that's where you'll see your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man sprinting, swinging and wall-crawling in Spider-Man: Unlimited, a new endless runner from Gameloft.

The game is more inspired by the Marvel comics than the recently-released movie, and features a cel-shaded art style to compliment the webhead hero. Gameplay is divided into virtual comic book "issues," each centered on a member of the Sinister Six - a supergroup of Spidey villains. So far, players can face down Green Goblin and Vulture, with more issues to be released in the future.

Spidey is bringing his trademark style and jokes to iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, meaning he'll swing (just about) wherever a spider can.
[Image: Gameloft]

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Massively's ArcheAge launch diary: Day one

I'm standing on a sun-baked rock along Nuia's northern coast. The waves lap at my feet, little bubbles are visible just off shore. Wispy strips of white cirrus float overhead, framing a baby blue sky that meets the ocean somewhere beyond a hazy horizon I can't quite see.

I've been standing here a while because there goes the sun, melting into the water and leaking red-orange streaks across the purplish waves as I watch. Up the cliff face behind me, a gaggle of green-named newbs mosh about in the newb area doing what MMO newbs do.

A couple of them make their way down the cliff face to join me. One of them jostles my character and apologizes. He didn't realize there was collision detection and he's very sorry and wow, this game is pretty, isn't it?

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Dragon Quest now squashing Slimes on iOS, Android

Furthering its efforts to ensure you're never stuck commuting without a lengthy, time-killing RPG, Square Enix has launched its mobile version of Dragon Quest on Google Play and iTunes. Regardless of which shop you bring your bag of gold to, you'll need $2.99 to set out and stop the peace-destroying Dragonlord once more.

Dragon Quest's arrival falls right into Square Enix's Slime-plagued porting schedule, which involves ports of DQ2 and DQ3 in the coming months. Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto has expressed concern over the feasibility of a pocket-sized adaptation of DQ7 however, largely due to its heaps of text.
[Image: Square Enix]

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