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Just Dance Now grooves on mobile devices later this month

For all those moments when you desperately need to bust a move, but the nearest dance floor (virtual or otherwise) is inaccessible, comes Just Dance Now, the latest entry in Ubisoft's hit rhythm game franchise.

Unlike its console predecessors, Just Dance Now is the first Just Dance sequel exclusively available for mobile devices. As it result, it boasts a few unique features. Gameplay is largely the same, with players keeping rhythm to a popular tune alongside a virtual dancer, but in lieu of a controller players use their smartphone or tablet to control the game while watching the action as it is projected onto the nearest wifi-connected television.

According to Ubisoft's official announcement, Just Dance Now will make its iOS and Android debut on September 25. Unfortunately, the publisher offers no information on what price will be attached to the mobile rhythm game.
[Image: Ubisoft]

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Destiny attracts 5 million unique viewers on Twitch in first week

Destiny drew in 5 million unique viewers and 20 million total views on Twitch last week, making it the "biggest console game launch of the year" on the streaming service, Activision said in a press release. Viewers watched 240 million minutes of Destiny gameplay during the week.

It's difficult to directly compare these numbers to other console game launches on Twitch, since those stats aren't readily available. "We can't provide those numbers since it is up to our partners to determine what they want to publicize about their channel's engagement," a Twitch spokesperson told Joystiq.

However, there are Twitch engagement numbers for the Xbox One and PS4: Titanfall was the game most often broadcast on Twitch via Xbox One in its first month, with 10 million minutes of streaming. Players broadcast 23 million minutes of gameplay in Xbox One's first month with Twitch, and on launch day, Xbox One players accounted for 30 percent of all Twitch streams. In its first month, PS4 players accounted for 10 percent of all Twitch streams, with 20 million minutes of live broadcasting.
[Image: Activision]

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Minecraft's PS4 incarnation reaches retail stores in October

Following the recent digital debut of Minecraft on the PlayStation 4, Sony has revealed that the sandbox construction game will also appear on store shelves on October 7.

Like its Xbox One counterpart, the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is based largely on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ports of the game, which are themselves stripped down versions of the PC original. Owing to improved hardware however, the PlayStation 4's Minecraft feature worlds "36 times bigger" than its PlayStation 3 counterpart. As with the digital version of Minecraft, players with existing saved games on either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 will be able to transfer their progress to the PlayStation 4 game and quickly resume where they left off.

Lacking from this announcement is any word on the long-awaited Vita version of Minecraft, but Sony claims that more information on that game will appear "in a few weeks," including word on how cross-buy functionality will work for those who already own Minecraft on another Sony gaming machine.
[Image: 4J Studios]

Arcade-style shoot-'em-up Raiden 5 coming to Xbox One

Seibu Kaihatsu's Raiden shoot-'em-up series will return on the Xbox One, a teaser trailer shown at Microsoft's TGS booth revealed this week.

Tracing its origins back to the 1990 release of Raiden in arcades, the vertically scrolling series saw multiple ports and releases across 16- and 32-bit consoles. Arcade-born series predecessors Raiden 4 and Raiden Fighters Aces made appearances on the Xbox 360, and the upgraded Raiden 4: Overkill was revealed for the PlayStation 3 earlier this year.

Raiden 5 is due to launch for the Xbox One in 2015.

[Image: Moss / Seibu Kaihatsu]

Massively's ArcheAge launch diary: Day six - P2W and the early verdict

Is ArcheAge pay-to-win? That's a question I've been asked several times in recent days. Before I answer it, let's get something out of the way up front. And by "out of the way," I mean that this is the most important part of the article and needs to be emphasized in the intro.

Pay-to-win is 100% subjective.

There is no scientific or universally accepted definition of pay-to-win. Some things in this life are absolutes. Pay-to-win is not one of them.

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PlayStation Now PS3 open beta starts

PlayStation Now, Sony's oddly priced game streaming service, will enter open beta on PS3 in the US and "parts of Canada" today. The PS Now library currently has over 150 games.

Good news for those interested in the future of the service: Sony reiterated it's still in the early days of the program and is listening to feedback, along with "working towards a PS Now subscription option."

PS Now is currently also in open beta on PlayStation 4. The service will make its way to Europe in 2015, with a quick stop in the UK first before crossing to the mainland.

FIFA 15 booting up for EA Access members today

FIFA 15 will roll out to EA Access members on Xbox One today, five days before its arrival on retail shelves. The game is available on a limited basis before its September 23 launch much like Madden NFL 15; EA Access members will have six hours to score as many goals as they can before the early play period dries up. Hey, there's always the FIFA 15 demo that's been available for a little over a week.

EA revealed its Access program in late July as a method of providing Xbox One players select games from its catalog for $5 per month or $30 per year. Earlier this month, the publisher said members poured 245,000 hours into the Madden 15 trial, amounting to over 40,000 players. EA removed Ultimate Team trade offers from FIFA 15 following revisions to its Ultimate Team abuse policies last month, which will result in permanent FIFA Online bans for coin selling and farming. The publisher removed trading from its FIFA Ultimate Team web app at that point, and multiple tweets indicate that the app is down for extended maintenance today.
[Image: EA Sports]

Sonic Boom Wii U has the guile to release a week early

Sega moved the Wii U Rise of Lyric edition of Sonic Boom up to November 11, a week ahead of its previously announced November 18 ETA. The publisher didn't say why it's shifted the date forward, but it does mean both the 3DS Shattered Crystal and Wii U versions are hitting store shelves on the same day.

Sonic Boom marks the debut of the newly be-scarfed hog, and on Wii U it mixes some of the series' trademark high-speed platforming with more leisurely puzzling and open combat sequences. In his PAX preview, Joystiq's Sam Prell pondered if those slower segments may prove more fun than the breakneck stuff, despite the blast processing.
[Image: Sega]

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Silent Hills concept trailer at TGS: Never sleep again

Image The concept trailer for P.T., the playable trailer for Silent Hills, was shown earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show. General trigger warning applies... 'cause it's a concept trailer for a Silent Hill game.... Continue Reading

Bloodborne in the USA February 2015 (Europe too!)

From Software's Bloodborne is bringing its Victorian violence to North America and Europe on February 6, 2015, just a day after it lands Japan. The news hits as Sony Europe began issuing out alpha invites for the Souls dev's latest action-RPG, but there's no word yet if we can expect similar tests stateside.

Also, there's a new trailer (which you'll find below the break) offering a glimpse at the game's yet-to-be disclosed online systems, which Sony Japan's Masaaki Yamagiwa noted includes "co-operative and asynchronous play." Yamagiwa also teased that some of the asynchronous play is tied to companion nightmarish creatures called Messengers.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer shows before and after

Previously limited to PSPs in Japan, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in North America on March 17, 2015, and Europe on March 20. It's priced $60 for the consoles, and as an extra incentive Square Enix is bundling in vouchers for the upcoming FF15 demo.

A new trailer - which you'll find below the break - showcases the visual leap from PSP to 1080p on current-gen hardware, while also providing a idea of what to expect from the fast-paced, mission-based action-RPG. While there are recognizable FF themes of magic mixed with sci-fi and a beautiful but war-torn world, the way you control, fight and explore using students from the Class 0 military academy isn't as familiar.

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Nomura no longer directing Final Fantasy 15, new TGS trailer [update]

Square Enix announced designer Tetsuya Nomura is stepping away from Final Fantasy 15 to focus on other projects, with Final Fantasy Type-0 and Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 director Hajime Tabata appointed as the game's new director. In a statement released today, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda said Nomura will shift efforts to "production of titles that can only be made possibly by Nomura himself," and that includes the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

The news comes as Square Enix confirmed reports of the Episode Duscae demo for Final Fantasy 15, which players can access via vouchers included with copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the 2011 PSP game are due in North America on March 17, 2015, Japan on March 19 and Europe on March 20, with a US price-tag of $60. As for the Duscae demo, Square Enix said the it's based on the game's opening sections "but alters story progression and more to create a unique first-play experience." [Update: On the PlayStation Europe Blog, Square Enix's Daniel Seto says the demo will be available for PS4 on March 20, which suggests it'll likely also be available on the same day Type-0 releases stateside]

Square Enix marked the news with a two-minute Tokyo Game Show trailer for Final Fantasy 15 featuring some of the combat, and you can check it out below the break. The trailer closes with main protagonist Noctis saying, "It's been a long time coming. Almost there." That said, the PS4 and Xbox One JRPG remains without a release window.

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Deadly Premonition designer's D4 out on Xbox One tomorrow

Surprise! D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, the cel-shaded mystery game from Deadly Premonition designer Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro, debuts on Xbox One tomorrow, September 19. The $15 downloadable marks the start of D4's episodic series, and Suehiro told Eurogamer it includes the prologue, first and second episodes. Later episodes are due at an undisclosed date.

If you've played 2010 psychological horror Deadly Premonition, you'll know some of what to expect from D4. Just as Suehiro's cult hit riffed on the surrealism of Twin Peaks, D4 looks to bring its own batch of weird to the party. You play as David Young, a detective who's lost his memory following the unsolved murder of his wife. However, the amnesic gumshoe has a special power up his sleeve: the ability to travel back to the past by touching certain objects.

Check out the launch trailer below the break.

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Gran Turismo 6 gets its first original track in 1.12 update

It's been 10 months since Gran Turismo 6 first hit retail shelves, but developer Polyphony Digital is still adding new content to the PlayStation 3 racing simulation.

The latest update, version 1.12, brings with it a handful of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, but is most notable for the additional content it adds to the game. Two new vehicles highlight the update, including the Nissan GT-R NISMO and the Toyota FT1 Vision Gran Turismo (pictured above). While the latter is a fancy concept car available exclusively to Gran Turismo 6 players, the former vehicle is a bit more commonplace - assuming that's a descriptor that could ever reasonably be attached to a machine that once set the record at Germany's legendary Nürburgring racetrack for the world's fastest volume production car.

Additionally, the 1.12 update adds a new track to Gran Turismo 6, the "Circuito de la Sierra." This mark's Polyphony's first attempt at crafting an original long course for Gran Turismo 6, though, according to the developers, the track draws aesthetic inspiration from the Ronda region of Southern Spain.

As with all updates, everything included in the 1.12 patch is available at no charge to Gran Turismo 6 owners. Simply fire up your PlayStation 3, start the racing sim and you should be prompted to download the update, assuming your console hasn't already done so. For more information, visit the Gran Turismo website.

NBA 2K15 scans your face, thinks you're beautiful

NBA 2K15 will feature the ability for players to scan their faces into the game and onto the bodies of digital athletes. 2K Sports revealed the feature in a tutorial video, which instructs prospective virtual basketballers to hold the PlayStation Camera six to 12 inches away from their faces. After slowly turning their head both ways, players will find their mapped mugs in the game, at which point they can fine-tune their features. Created players can then be used in MyCareer mode, where they will likely get dunked on by cover star Kevin Durant.

While the tutorial mentioned the PlayStation Camera by name, 2K says the feature uses "first-party camera hardware." The publisher also doesn't specify whether the feature is locked to a given console, indicating that Xbox One players can use the Kinect to scan their faces as well. NBA 2K15 will launch October 7 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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