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Buy Smash Bros. 3DS, Wii U, earn epic public entrances

After Super Smash Bros. launches on 3DS, you can walk along to your personal anthem from its soundtrack. If you're lucky enough, your song might land on the dual-disc sampling offered to Club Nintendo members, which would ensure you'd have a copy to lend audio personnel whenever a triumphant public entrance is needed.

In order to get the soundtrack selection seen above, fans in North America and Europe will need to register codes from both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Smash on their Club Nintendo account. A track list and estimated release date are currently unknown, but the NA Club Nintendo page fittingly teases that further details are still coming.
[Image: Nintendo]

UK takes Metro Redux to the top of the charts

Metro Redux - we can't believe they didn't go with Metro Revival - is the new UK No. 1 this week, overthrowing Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition after one week of glory. Meanwhile, Madden NFL 15 debuts 6th, which isn't bad given which version of football it is.

The PS4, Xbox One and PC bundle of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light is Deep Silver's first No. 1 of the year, but it's far from the first remaster to lead the way in 2014. Upgraded and enhanced versions of Tomb Raider, Diablo 3 and The Last of Us had already scored five chart-topping weeks between them before Metro Redux came along, and we could see a few other remasters at the top before the year's close.

In honor of the remasters, we're going to re-release our idea of music videos below the break for these posts. This week and with Metro in mind, we'll keep it Russian with 2000s duo t.A.T.u, who infamously caused great controversy with their awful capitalization.

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Launch day DLC coming to Fantasy Life, Hyrule Warriors

Among Nintendo's swath of announcements this morning is word that both Legend of Zelda-themed musou brawler Hyrule Warriors and open-world fantasy adventure Fantasy Life will receive downloadable additions at launch.

According to Nintendo, once players fire up Hyrule Warriors they will find an eShop download that adds a new weapon, new gameplay mode and the option to select your own background music to the Omega Force-developed Hylian melee. Fantasy Life, on the other hand, will receive new geography. Specifically, a place called "Origin Island," which is described as "a new area that is home to an ancient culture and powerful enemies, additional story content, new ranks to achieve in Life Classes, access to even more powerful equipment and two new varieties of pets to adopt: birds and dragons."

While the Hyrule Warriors DLC will be available at no cost to players, pricing details on Fantasy Life's Origin Island are currently lacking. Nintendo states that the DLC will be "available for purchase" at the time of the game's launch, but makes no mention of how much it might cost.
[Image: Nintendo/Koei Tecmo]

Three new 2DS Mario Kart 7 bundles race toward retail

Following Nintendo's earlier announcement of a new 3DS model, the Japanese gaming giant has also unveiled three new bundles headed to North America, including the 2DS handheld and a copy of Mario Kart 7.

According to Nintendo, at some point in "early October," retailers will begin to offer bundles including a download voucher for Mario Kart 7 and one of three new 2DS colors: Electric Blue, Crimson Red or Sea Green. Despite the inclusion of Mario Kart 7, these new 2DS bundles feature the same $130 price point as standalone 2DS handhelds.

Edit: This post initially stated that a standalone 2DS is available at $100, when it is in fact priced at $130.
[Image: Nintendo]

Soak up five minutes of Japanese Smash Bros 3DS footage

Image Though the commentary accompanying the above gameplay footage from the handheld Super Smash Bros. will only be understood by those who speak Japanese, the international language of an Italian plumber uppercutting a giant turtle monster speaks to all of humanity. [Image: Nintendo] ... Continue Reading

Nintendo reveals first Amiibo figures and prices, but no release date

Nintendo revealed an initial line up of Amiibo toys on Thursday. The near-field communication-equipped action figures compatible with Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games like Super Smash Bros. will cost $12.99 each when they launch, but Nintendo has yet to announce an official release date for the line beyond 2014.

The first wave includes 12 figures, among them many that were initially unveiled at E3 2014. Metroid's Samus, The Legend of Zelda's Link, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Pikachu, the Animal Crossing boy villager, and Super Mario Bros.' Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi populate the line. There are also figures of Marth from the Fire Emblem series and the Wii Fit trainer. Some figures shown in prototype form at E3 2014, including Princess Zelda and Kid Icarus, are not included in the first wave.

While Nintendo still hasn't confirmed a release date for its Amiibo, it did announce additional games that will support the figures, including Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Yoshi's Wooly World, Mario Party 10, and Mario Kart 8.

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Pre-Orders for First 12 amiibo Figures Kick off Nintendo's Holiday Season

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 29, 2014 – Nintendo has prepared a massive lineup of new games and products for the 2014 holiday season. The lineup includes new entries from some of the biggest franchises in gaming, new hardware bundles for Wii U and Nintendo 2DS, and new amiibo interactive figures featuring some of the most iconic characters in the world of video games.

The holiday shopping season begins today for Nintendo fans, as the first 12 amiibo interactive figures become available for pre-order at a suggested retail price of just $12.99 each. The first dozen characters available for pre-order at select retailers are Mario, Peach, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer, with more on the way in the future.

"Nintendo's holiday offerings demonstrate a combination of fun franchises and great value," said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "With Wii U and Nintendo 2DS hardware bundles, classic names like Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta and Pokémon, new IP like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and amiibo, everyone will find something to love about Nintendo this holiday season. Whether people are shopping for themselves or they're prepping their gift lists, Nintendo has them covered."

Interactive amiibo Figures: Nintendo's foray into the toys-to-life category starts today, with the first 12 amiibo figures available to pre-order from select retailers. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which launches this holiday season, will be the first game with full integration of amiibo functionality. Other games that will support amiibo include Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10 and Yoshi's Woolly World, with more to come. More details on amiibo functionality with the various games and a launch date will be revealed shortly.

Ultimate NES Remix slides onto 3DS later this year [update]

Ultimate NES Remix infuses 3DS with the series' mashed-up tapas approach to revisiting 8-bit classics, starting November 11 in Europe and December 5 in North America. According to Nintendo's brief announcement the 3DS entry features content from 16 NES games, but the company didn't note if any of that content comes from the NES Remix 1 and NES Remix 2 games already out on Wii U. We've reached out to the big N to learn more, but for now all that's left to say is that it's coming to stores and the eShop, and it's priced at $30.

Meanwhile on Wii U, the NES Remix Pack compilation of the two released entries is coming to North American stores, and also with a $30 price tag.

Update: A Nintendo spokesperson tells Joystiq the 16 games represented in Ultimate NES Remix are the same 16 found in the original NES Remix, though it's unclear what form these revived 8-bit classics will take in the newer release.
[Image: Nintendo]

Wii JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles coming to new 3DS

Nintendo is bringing back Xenoblade Chronicles for the new 3DS, and the new 3DS alone. The Wii JRPG was announced for Nintendo's newly unveiled handheld during its Direct stream this morning, and according to Gematsu and Siliconera, it'll only run on the new 3DS and not the older model because of the new system's enhanced CPU.

Monolith Soft's revered game hits Japan in 2015, the same year Xenoblade Chronicles X is due to hit Wii U. To check out the reveal trailer, head on past the break. If you're wondering if you should care about a 2010 JRPG coming to the new 3DS, check out our five-star review.

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New 3DS features customizable face plates

The new Nintendo 3DS revealed this morning will also feature customizable "cover plates," meaning the exterior design of the hardware can be altered to match your mood ring. The face plates will be sold separately, with no price range currently announced.

The new 3DS was announced for Japan this morning, with no plans to bring it to the States or Europe this calendar year.
[Image: Nintendo]

Nintendo unveils 'new' 3DS, 3DS XL [update]

Nintendo announced 'new' models of the 3DS and 3DS XL during this morning's Direct stream for Japan. The new versions feature a small "C-stick" analog pad on the right hand side above SNES-like colored face buttons. During the presentation, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata compared the pad to the GameCube controller's own yellow C-stick.

Unlike the old models, the new 3DS and 3DS XL have NFC-tech built in, meaning they can communicate with Amiibo figurines (like the ones coming for Super Smash Bros.) without need of an extra device. Nintendo's also introduced a Micro SD slot underneath the base cover, while new "Super Stable 3D" functionality is designed to ensure the 3D features stay sharp and comfortable, even when the 3DS is rotated (see below).

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Xenoblade's Shulk confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

Xenoblade Chronicles hero Shulk was confirmed for Super Smash Bros. this morning in Japan's Nintendo Direct, giving more credence to the alleged leaked images and videos showing Bowser Jr and the Duck Hunt dog as part of the fighter's roster. Check out Shulk's reveal trailer below the break

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Watch Japan's 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct right here [update: it's over!]

Update: It's over, and the biggest reveal was definitely the new 3DS and 3XL models. Check them out here. You can also watch a replay of the Direct below the break.

Today's Nintendo Direct on 3DS games may be only for Japan, but it will probably feature games that will make their way abroad. Last time Nintendo of Japan had a 3DS-focused Direct we saw plenty of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Final Fantasy Explorers, the former confirmed for the West and the other looking likely to follow it. As for what will trickle down today's stream... who knows. Hopefully more imagery of Nintendo executives dressed up like game characters. Who we are kidding? Of course that will happen.

To watch today's stream right here on Joystiq, get your fine self below the break at 4AM PT (7AM ET/midday UK). If you miss it don't fret, because we'll have the replay up ASAP, as well as the relevant news on the site.

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New Nintendo eShop releases: Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Mega Man X3

There's a good helping of eShop eStuff to tuck into this week, both on Wii U and 3DS. On the portable side, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright features two characters who were born to point together - check out our review for a more nuanced analysis. Also, Azure Striker Gunvolt pumps Mega Man-inspired side-scrolling action onto the 3DS, complete with Mighty No. 9 crossover mini-game.

Talking of the (original) blue bomber, Mega Man X3 coming to Wii U completes the Nintendo set of X games on the system. If you prefer your platforming a bit more vertical and underground, Steamworld Dig may be the Wii U game for you.

As ever, the full list of new releases is below the break. On the sales side, Capcom has a decent-sized one this week across Wii U and 3DS, and Splinter Cell Blacklist will be permanently reduced from $40 to $20 starting September 1.

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3DS Nintendo Direct for Japan announced for tomorrow

Image Nintendo of Japan is streaming a new Direct broadcast tomorrow, August 29, focused on upcoming 3DS games. There are no announcements yet from the company's American or Euro branches. In any case, it's taking place at 8PM Japan time (4AM PT/7AM ET/12PM UK) and you'll be able to watch it right here... Continue Reading

Glameow it up with Pokemon Alpha & Omega steelbooks in EU

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are getting their own steelbook bundles in Europe, complete with Kyogre and Groudon figurines respectively. Bundles including the game are coming to GAME and Nintendo's online store in the UK, and will be available for pre-order. The House of Mario Marowak lists the steelbook and figurine separately at £40; we've reached out to confirm if that also includes the game at that price.

The Poke-remakes are also scoring some other pre-order goodies in the UK. Pre-orders of the standalone version at GAME get the respective figure chucked in, while early birds at Shopto will get their own early bird, namely a 2D keyring of Torchic. As for the small matter of the game itself, it hits 3DS in North America on November 21, then a week across the pond on November 28.
[Image: Nintendo]

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