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Four years and $11K: Glorkian Warrior's crippling mistakes

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork took Pixeljam four years to create, first Kickstarted in 2010 with $11,200 and finally released on iOS in March 2014. An argument could be made that Pixeljam co-founder Miles Tilmann has spent enough time thinking about that little pink alien with the weird name, but he's not done yet. In a post on Tilmann's new personal blog, he outlines the mistakes Pixeljam made during those four years, presented with the perfect vision of hindsight.

Before diving into the post itself, Tilmann tells Joystiq that this isn't the happy-ending success story many independent developers may dream about.

"Glork hasn't really made much money at all," he says in an email. "None of our games have, actually! We had our best week of sales when we launched Glork on mobile earlier this year, but after the Apple featuring ended, sales went down to pretty much nothing. The Mac / PC release has been much less successful than the mobile version. Pixeljam doesn't actually pay its employees anymore, since it can't support itself based on our existing sales. We make money doing non-Pixeljam-related things these days."

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Angry Birds Go tops 100 million downloads, adds team multiplayer

To celebrate more than 100 million downloads of its free-to-play avian kart racer Angry Birds Go, the development team at Rovio has added team multiplayer functionality to the game's latest update.

Though Rovio's unveiling is light on details, we know two crucial things. First, the game now supports races that pit teams of three players against one another. Second, unlike the vast majority of features available to players of Angry Birds Go, this new team multiplayer mode is not an in-app purchase, and is actually, legitimately free. Alongside the new team multiplayer mode Rovio has also added night racing to Angry Birds Go, for those who prefer their unrealistic motosports under the cover of darkness.

Beyond the break you'll find footage of the new team multiplayer racing in action. If any of that sparks your interest, you can grab a fully updated copy of Angry Birds Go from Google Play, the iOS App Store or whatever other distribution service your mobile device of choice relies upon.
[Image: Rovio]

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Joystiq Deals: NES30 Bluetooth controller

Today, Joystiq Deals takes you back to the past with the NES30, a wireless controller for PCs and mobile devices modeled after Nintendo's classic NES control pad. Featuring compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS, the NES30 connects via a USB cable or a Bluetooth signal, ensuring hours of retro-inspired fun across all of your supported devices.

Retailing for $40, the NES30 is available through Joystiq Deals today for just $29.99. The package also includes a commemorative key chain and a stand for your touchscreen devices. Our offer expires next week, so act fast if you want to secure an NES30 for your next retrogaming binge session.
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The Witcher Adventure Game's video tutorial explains the race for Victory Points

As is the case with most fantasy adventures, digital (and real-world) board game The Witcher Adventure Game gets complicated. Thankfully, series developer CD Projeket RED has put together the in-depth introduction above, which familiarizes would-be heroes with its card types, status ailments, battle system and general progression.

While the tutorial is dense in useful information and examples, the simplified take is that two to four players race to finish main quests before their fellow players. Once a player's third main quest is completed, the game ends after one more turn from all other players. Glory is granted to whoever holds the most Victory Points at the end, a form of score earned by completing sidequests, investigating leads, besting monsters or performing other actions.

The Witcher Adventure Game will let dice fly on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices in 2014 and is currently available for pre-order at Good Old games for $8.99. A physical version from Fantasy Flight Games is also expected to ship later this month.

Android devices may now open The Last Door Collector's Edition

Halloween may be over, but you can still relive the good old spooky days on your Android device with The Last Door Collector's Edition, which is now available via Google Play. A related press release and Facebook post also lists the game for iOS, but that version is currently absent from many regions' storefronts, including North America and Europe.

Whichever system you opt for, the game is free to download, and the first chapter of the story is free to experience. If you want the whole story, episodes two to four will cost $3.99 (that's total, not apiece). Unlocking the full version also grants access to four "minisodes" of content, as well as achievements.

Originally released in episodic format for PC starting in 2013, The Last Door is a pixelated point-and-click horror adventure set in Victorian-era England, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Along with remastered sound and enhanced graphics (though again, the style is deliberately low-res), the Collector's Edition version adds exclusive scenes and puzzles.
[Image: The Game Kitchen]

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Oculus releases mobile SDK, Gear VR coming in December

The Samsung Gear VR, a mobile virtual reality headset powered by Oculus technology that uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone (sold separately) for its display, will be available in North America starting this December at a pricepoint of $200, Oculus has revealed. The first-run "Innovator Editon" can also be bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad for an additional $50, and you can pre-register for more news updates directly through Samsung.

If you lean more toward being a virtual reality developer rather than a virtual reality consumer, there's still good news to be had, as Oculus has released their mobile software development kit (SDK) for you to tinker and play with. The current SDK is geared (no pun intended) specifically for the Gear VR and the Note 4, and includes the full source code for Oculus Cinema, Oculus 360 Photos and Oculus 360 Video.

Unfortunately, there's still no official release date for the PC version of Oculus' VR headset, the Rift. However, reports suggest a mid-2015 window for the consumer beta.
[Image: Oculus]

Joystiq Deals: Double Nexus giveaway, GOG Fall Sale

This week on Joystiq Deals, one lucky winner will receive two free Nexus devices as part of our latest giveaway. Submit your e-mail address and you'll be entered to win a new Nexus 6 phone and a Nexus 9 tablet, collectively valued at over $1,000. Good luck, and make sure to share the contest on Twitter to receive additional entries and increase your odds of winning.

If you're on the hunt for cheap PC games, is offering up to 90 percent off of hundreds of featured games as part of its newly launched Big Fall Sale. Today's highlights include Xenonauts for $17.49, The Last Federation for $9.99, and Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition for $8.99. The service is also offering free copies of Mount & Blade to members over the next 48 hours, and more deals and freebies will roll in daily through November 25.
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Candy Crush follow-up Soda Saga premieres worldwide

Mobile developer King has launched Candy Crush Soda Saga, an iOS and Android follow-up to its hugely successful matching puzzler Candy Crush Saga.

Soda Saga features 140 levels across multiple modes, including the new Soda, Frosting, and Honey variants. The sequel also introduces new gameplay elements like Swedish Fish and Coloring Candy that reward large matching chains.

Like its predecessor, Soda Saga is free to play, with additional turns and lives available via in-app purchases. Candy Crush Saga regularly ranks among the highest-grossing apps in both Google's and Apple's mobile storefronts, and publisher King pursued up to a $7.6 billion IPO valuation earlier this year before seeing a per-share downgrade afterward.

[Image: King]

That Dragon, Cancer dad, devs push on after tragedy

That Dragon, Cancer tells the real-life story of Joel Green, a young boy fighting terminal cancer, placed in a low-poly, point-and-click world. There are no puzzles in the game, only daily activities haunted by an unseen monster silently shaping the lives of Joel and his family. Joel's father, Ryan Green, is developing the game alongside Josh Larson and a handful of contributors. That Dragon, Cancer includes personal notes and stories from the Green family, describing their pain, joy, hope and despair as the story progresses and Joel's health continues to decline.

In March, after battling cancer for four years, Joel died at the age of 5.

The game must go on. Ryan Green, Josh Larson and the That Dragon, Cancer team are pushing forward with development, gathering funding from investors and today launching a Kickstarter campaign seeking $85,000 to help finish the game. That Dragon, Cancer has the financial support of Indie Fund – up to $50,000 – if it needs it and if the campaign is successful.

This all means the game is delayed from its 2014 launch window, but when it does launch, it will do so on Ouya and Steam (PC and Mac) simultaneously. It was previously designed as an Ouya exclusive, but the micro-console maker is allowing a side-by-side PC premiere as a show of support for the developers, who wish to get That Dragon, Cancer in front of as many people as possible.

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Bomberman hoards powerups on iOS, Android in Japan

It's been a while since Bomberman's last console appearance, but at least our favorite grid-trodding explosives enthusiast is blowing his friends to bits once more in Japan. The simply-titled Bomerman has appeared in Japan's Google Play and App Store courtesy of Konami, the publisher that acquired now-defunct Bomberman series developer Hudson in 2012.

According to Siliconera's translation, Bomberman doesn't bother with a story mode, instead offering classically-styled competitive modes. Single Battle pits your wits against CPU-controlled opponents, while Battle With Everyone lets up to four friends rediscover how much they despise each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. Bomber Coliseum plays like a time attack mode, where players face off against CPUs and unlock "boss characters" by defeating them.

Konami's Bomerman is free, but both store listings mention the presence of in-app purchases. Konami has yet to share any plans to release Bomberman in regions beyond Japan.
[Image: Konami]

Hearthstone expansion Goblins vs Gnomes concocts December release date

Goblins vs Gnomes, the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft expansion teased at PAX Prime 2014 will shed its digital foil cover this December, Blizzard announced during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2014.

"We're going back to the beginnings of Warcraft, to a longstanding rivalry between two proud races," Hearthstone production director Jason Chayes said regarding the expansion's content. "One embodies the nobility and the fellowship of The Alliance. The other: the honor and the resilience of The Horde." Chayes revealed the expansion will bring more than 120 new cards to players' decks, many of which are themed around gnomish and goblin inventions, such as the Explosive Sheep and Annoy-O-Tron.

If you're excited for the content but would prefer to play on Android instead of PC or iPad, there's more good news: December will also mark Hearthstone's release on Android tablets, Chayes announced. No matter which system or faction you choose to play though, Chayes promises the results will be "explosive."
[Image: Blizzard]

Joystiq Deals: BowBlade, iPhone 6 giveaway

Looking to up your archery skills? This weekend Joystiq Deals is offering a deep discount on the BowBlade, a unique archery simulator that pairs with over 80 compatible smartphone apps and lets you build strength while testing your hand-eye coordination. Normally retailing at $100, the BowBlade can be yours today through Joystiq Deals for just $69.

This weekend is also your last chance to enter our Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway, which will award a $650 Apple gift card to one lucky winner. You can earn additional entries by getting your friends and followers to enter, so make sure to share the offer to increase your odds of winning. Good luck!
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South Park pokes fun at freemium mobile games

Image Trey Parker and Matt Stone set their sights on free-to-play mobile games in the latest episode of South Park, skewering predatory game design tactics in the process. Titled "Freemium Isn't Free" (okay, that's maybe a little bit too self-referential, guys) the episode explores the creative process... Continue Reading

DC superheroes team up with Puzzle & Dragons next week

A limited-time in-game event will introduce several DC Universe characters to the world of Puzzle & Dragons next week, mobile publisher GungHo announced.

Starting on November 10, Puzzle & Dragons players can access a new dungeon populated by familiar faces from DC comics. Superman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and others will appear both as combatants and as recruitable characters that players can win via an in-game rare egg machine.

Next week's crossover follows up on previous GungHo partnerships that introduced guest characters from Batman: Arkham Origins, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Dragon Ball Z. At long last, universes will collide and fanfiction will become reality as Superman teams up with Asuka Langley and Goku in custom player parties. This is a thing that will happen. This is a thing that must happen.

Puzzle & Dragons' DC Comics dungeon will be open through November 23.
[Image: GungHo]

Knights of Pen and Paper keeps autumn alive in Haunted Fall update

Halloween may already be resting in its grave, but that isn't stopping meta RPG Knights of Pen and Paper from embracing the spirit (spirits?) of the season in a brand new update. Available Thursday, the Haunted Fall update adds new everything to the role-playing game about people playing a pen and paper role-playing game, including new items, skills, monsters hiding in new places, and fresh writing full of gags.

Visit the scenic Abandoned Dwarf Mall or the horrifying Corn Field Maze in your adventurers crew. If you've already poured time into Behold Studios' game, you can also try out the new Witch class. The Witch does spells, including debuffs to waken enemies and healing for your party. Jury's out on whether or not she melts when doused with water, but she'll probably fine since no cardinal direction's been assigned to her.

The Haunted Fall update is available for Knights of Pen and Paper on Mac, Android, PC, and Linux, the most haunted of platforms. An iOS version is due out soon.

[Images: Paradox Interactive]

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