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E3 2011 Live Coverage (June 7-9th)


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No one car should have all that power (in Forza Motorsport 4)

It's the 21st century, folks. And whether or not you're "doing something mean to it" like our main man Kanye, you may want to take a peek at a new... Read more

Turtle Beach's Xbox 360 Bluetooth Chat Adapter hands-on (or: One of the best things I saw at E3)

Over five years ago, I wrote a post on this very website about one enterprising Xbox 360 owner who velcroed a Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter to the b... Read more

BioShock Infinite E3 demo video coming July 7, first two minutes right here

You've surely already read about what we saw during the E3 demo of BioShock Infinite, from the sky-lines to Elizabeth's tearing ability and all o... Read more

BioShock Infinite sweeps Best of E3 Game Critics Awards, PlayStation Vita wins Best Hardware

There was little confusion amongst this year's E3 judges as to which game was most deserving: Super Stick Man Golf. Unfortunately it wasn't eligibl... Read more

EEDAR picks its most promising retail performers from E3 2011

Using a complex mish-mash of chicken bones, crystal spheres and traffic reports from IGN and GameTrailers, game industry analysis firm EEDAR has pi... Read more

Now you too can watch the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD E3 demo

Anxious to get your first glimpse at Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD? Well, here's your chance -- just try not to be too harsh on the person Kona... Read more

Ninja Gaiden 3 preview: The evolution of mammals

When I asked Ninja Gaiden 3 lead Fumihiko Yasuda how the protagonist was able to glide through the air with nothing more than a black, skin-tight s... Read more

War of the Worlds screens class up the joint

We were pretty eager to take a look at War of the Worlds, this fall's XBLA and PSN release from Paramount based on H.G. Wells' classic novel. For s... Read more

Yoshinori Ono on the 'violent' and 'friendly' rivalries in Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom was showing a playable build of its latest, and weirdest, crossover fighter, Street Fighter X Tekken at E3. So I'm sure producer Yoshinori O... Read more

Buy Peter Molyneux's E3 badge for a good cause

Looking for the perfect accessory for that "Peter Molyneux at E3 2011" costume you've been putting together for the last week or so? Good news: you... Read more

E3 recap video picks out the show's lowlights

We're likely to keep hearing about the highlights of all the big companies' respective E3 press conferences for the foreseeable future. Why don't w... Read more

E3 2011 spurs half a million PlayStation Home visits

We like to make fun of PlayStation Home, but it turns out if you put cool stuff there, people will log in. VentureBeat reports over 500,000 people ... Read more

Zoom in on these SpyParty Joystiq E3 meetup stats

Playing SpyParty at the Joystiq E3 2011 reader meetup may have been a lot of fun, but it was also serious business. As it turns out, attendees were... Read more

Shinobi preview: The re-revenge of Shinobi

If you've heard that the new 3DS Shinobi game feels exactly like the original -- or any Shinobi game to date -- you've heard wrong. Even though it'... Read more

Assassin's Creed: Revelations trailer sets the harbor on fire

During Ubisoft's E3 presser, we watched an elderly Ezio set an entire dock ablaze in Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Thanks to a just released devel... Read more

Risen 2: Dark Waters preview: Murky depths

There's an interesting trend lately of hardcore PC RPGs coming out of Europe, of which The Witcher 2 is only the latest and greatest so far. One of... Read more

Kirby Wii preview: King Dedede, you, and me

It's hard to speak about Kirby Wii without a tinge of regret, and harder still to do so after seeing this video of a very similar, cancelled Kirby ... Read more

Cave Story 3D preview: Pixel goes polygonal

I'll admit it: my excitement about a new version of Cave Story to play on the 3DS was tempered a bit by fears that it wouldn't turn out right. To p... Read more

Wii U won't have DVD or Blu-ray playback, will include social media functionality

We already knew that the Wii U's games wouldn't be coming on DVD (like the Xbox 360) or Blu-ray (like the PlayStation 3), but we didn't know that N... Read more

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon media is full of bugs

Bugs don't have emotions. Bugs don't have a sense of right and wrong. All they know is that our delicious human bones are delicious. And that's why... Read more

Joystiq's favorite games of E3 2011

Normally, after E3, some clear "best games" emerge -- either the ones that everyone knew would be amazing going in, and did not disappoint on the f... Read more

Disneyland Adventures preview: Virtual Imagineering

Much like the real theme park, Disneyland Adventures isn't so much a game as it is an attraction. To be sure, the Kinect title has available mini-g... Read more

Starhawk's brutal universe detailed in E3 2011 cinematic

There are, like, so, so many things in Starhawk to drive/pilot/murder with, and the latest cinematic teaser for the forthcoming sequel depicts near... Read more

Hands-on with Power A's E3 lineup

In addition to our video rundown of Power A's Batarang controllers, we also managed to snag some hands-on time with the rest of the company's curre... Read more

The Gunstringer preview: How the west was fun

The phrase "on rails" has something of a negative connotation in the video game industry. It implies that one's game design is lazy, or that it tak... Read more

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition preview: Fight in the future

Before I get started detailing what Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition is, I should mention what it isn't: an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive... Read more

Video: Joystiq vs. E3 2011

With the Joystiq staff recovering from a week of exhaustive coverage, it's time to say goodbye to E3 2011. The remainder of our coverage will be tr... Read more

Silent Hill: Downpour preview: Shattered Homecoming

Noisy trade show floors are notoriously bad places to preview survival horror games. You can try to preserve crucial atmosphere with headphones, bu... Read more

XCOM Preview: Mass affect

2K Marin creative director Jordan Thomas wasted little time in addressing XCOM's year-long absence after E3 2010. "We're here to pull back the curt... Read more

CCP shares big plans for Dust 514 and EVE Online at E3

The MMO market may be dominated by World of Warcraft, but while other games have come and gone, there's always been one other constant in massively... Read more

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This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo will follow the trajectory of mainstream mega-games, culminating in the largest, loudest show yet.

Joystiq will be on-site, gathering as much information as can fit on our humble website. We'll cover the indies, the sequels, the ports and the sports, so hang out with us as we dismantle this year's E3.


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