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Fashion thesis dresses you like a thoroughly modern Link

Andrew Shields, a student at Parsons the New School of Design, believes that while it isn't easy being green, Link still looks spectacular decked out in viridian. Hyrule's chosen warrior and his companions in The Legend of Zelda are the inspiration for Shields' BFA thesis, a men's clothing line that will be ready-to-wear provided he acquires the necessary funding to see it complete.

"When I was young I wasn't really allowed to play with Barbies or draw dresses in my notebook, so I stopped and played on the computer, and I learned to play video games," explains Shields, in a brief video on Kickstarter. "My thesis is based on The Legend of Zelda, a game that helped shape my childhood and taught me how to explore and navigate through life."

Navigation Awaits, the name of Shields' line, includes 21 items making up seven different outfits. These range from leafy t-shirt and jeans combos that look like Link's preferred outfit for an Avicii show to more avant garde numbers right out of a Cirque de Soleil adaptation of Twilight Princess.

"The Hyrulian wardrobe is pretty diverse and proportions are pretty well developed so I think most people could pull it off," Shields told Joystiq via email. "If there really was a big difference I would say the addition of synthetics and metal notions like zippers."

"I did think on changing the theme of my collection, by taking inspiration from only Majora's Mask, and doing a really dark, twisted collection. Ultimately, I decided a lighter collection would represent the greater whole and thats more what I wanted to do."

The real question: Will you get to wear these designs?

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Destiny beta: 88.3 million games played

Last week, Bungie revealed that 4.6 million players participated in Destiny's beta phase, a program that pushed the game's servers ahead of its September 9 launch. The developer has since offered more numbers behind the beta in large infographic form, found after the break.

Destiny's beta program saw 88,384,720 games played as well as the creation of 6.5 million guardians. The community's kill-to-death ratio in the cooperative story, strike and exploration missions was 22.53, thanks to a grand total of 3.7 billion kills during those quests. What's more, Bungie's Saturday field trip to the moon resulted in 853,235 concurrent players. Relive the Destiny beta through our archived discussions and livestreams, in which we determined we would appreciate an apartment in the game's tower, but still enjoyed kicking back in the social sections.
[Image: Activision]

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Joystiq Giveaway: Score The Swapper and a free PS Vita

Say you were stranded on a derelict space station like the poor astronaut starring in Facepalm Games' The Swapper. After you wander its crumbling halls, collect as much food, water, and emergency supplies as you can find, and secure life support out in space, you've got a lot of time to kill. That's why a pocket gaming machine is ideal for survival; a little distraction can do wonders for your mental health!

In the spirit of that astronaut's struggle and to mark The Swapper's release on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this week, we're giving away a brand new PS Vita. One lucky winner will score the handheld, as well as a 16GB memory card and a copy of The Swapper.

All you need to do to win is be a US resident and like Joystiq on Facebook using the Rafflecopter widget below before Friday, August 8. If you follow us on Twitter using the widget, that'll give you an extra chance to win.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
[Images: Facepalm Games]

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Nintendo's indie spokesman leaves company

Nintendo's digital distribution business development manager Dan Adelman, who was the indie outreach specialist for the company, has left the company. Adelman was banned from Twitter by Nintendo last year for showing sympathy for gamers frustrated by region locking, something that didn't fall within the company's strict messaging. Gamasutra detailed it quite well in April, properly pointing out, "It's Nintendo's policy not to privilege the individual. It's Nintendo's policy to keep messaging corporate, not personal."

"I had been strongly encouraged to stay off of Twitter-or at least say only things that were clearly safe-so after the region-locking comment they just said I needed to stop completely," Adelman told Kotaku. "When people started complaining that I wasn't active on Twitter anymore, it was suggested that a PR person could just post in my name. I thought that was about the worst idea I'd ever heard, so I left it as is and let the silence speak for itself."

Adelman will remain in the industry and assist indies in areas of business development and consulting.

The Last of Us: Remastered spores big on UK charts

The Last of Us: Remastered, the PS4 re-release of Joystiq's Game of the Year 2013, did exceptionally well in its debut week on the UK charts. Not only was the tale of what happens when athlete's foot goes unchecked the top selling game of the week, but it was also the fifth biggest launch of the year and fourth largest for the PS4 ever, according to Chart-Track.

Chart-Track also notes now that school break is in full swing, game sales are up across the board. The top ten remains relatively unchanged, but the Lego Movie Videogame and Minecraft for Xbox 360 and PS3 both saw double-digit sales increases. The top ten can be found after the break.

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White Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive spotted, removed

French retailer allegedly posted and then removed a listing for a white Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive bundle. Eurogamer snapped a shot of the bundle, listed for €399.

White Xbox One were previously only available to members of Microsoft's development team and through various charity auctions. Gamescom, the world's largest game convention, is next week and Microsoft will be holding a press conference for the first time. So, you know, stay tuned.

Update: Confirmed.

Gaystation 4 purchased for $4K

A quick update on last week's auction in Sweden by retailer Webhallen for a customized PlayStation 4 to support The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights (RFSL). The "Gaystation edition" auction concluded with a final bid of 28,300kr, which is roughly $4,105.

RFSL Newcomers received 100% of the proceeds, which works with asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and new LGBTQ arrivals to the country. If you're looking for similar customization for your console, you could negotiate with ColorWare or a student at your local arts university.

BioShock port syncs Rapture to your iPad and iPhone

Get it? PORT?

[Umm, no, the pun is on "sync." But that's still terrible. - Ed.]

Oh. Anyway, Rapture is an ambitious city wrapped in the ocean but undone by the arrogance of its haughty, genetically naughty citizens. The stunning setting of Irrational's 2007 game, BioShock, along with its moody opening, zap-and-whack combat and notorious plot, is being ported to iOS devices by 2K China – the same team that handled the portable version of Firaxis' tense strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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Stiq Figures, July 21 - 27: Up, up, down, down, B, A, Start edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Earning a sense of accomplishment is great and all, but sometimes ... sometimes you're willing to trade an earned sense of pride for what really matters: victory. Cheats are a shortcut to "I'm a jerk" territory in competitive online games, but when you're stacking the odds unreasaonbly against AI opponents, it can make for a great, guilt-free time. The scope of cheating can result in some pretty interesting gameplay twists too, though the bread and butter "make me god-like" codes can still work magic in the right game.

I'll level with you all: even with StarCraft's currency and supply-related cheats, I've still never cleared the Protoss campaign. That's a pretty bleak level of ineptitude, but at least using "power overwhelming" to turn mineral-gathering Probes into slow-but-steady death machines makes me feel better about it: "Oh, you've surrounded my drone with Zerglings and acid-spewing Hydralisks? That's cute, prepare to kiss your Hive goodbye ... in about 8 minutes."

In terms of cheating purely for entertainment value, I think Grand Theft Auto 4 was the first in the series where I didn't instinctively use weapons cheats. For years, the GTA series was just about finding calm in the utter havoc I caused, and if an ammo shortage was the only thing in the way of my zen, cheats were an immediate solution.

What about you? Have you had to resort to cheats to persevere through a game's toughest challenges, or is there a particular code that's actually made games more enjoyable for you? Tell us all about your favorites, right after you check this week's Japanese hardware sales!

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Hohokum soars into art gallery, soundtrack preview available

So what if we have to wait until August 12 before we can ride a flying rainbow-snake-thing through the colorful skies of Honeyslug's Hohokum on PlayStation systems? We can listen to its enchanting soundtrack right now via music database site, Hype Machine.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can also head to Echo Park on any day between August 9 and August 17 to see a gallery of art from the game, and thus delight two of your senses. Hosted by iam8bit, "The Hohokum Art Spectacular" will feature not only lovely illustrations, but a chance to play the game as well.

Music for our ears, art for our eyes, gameplay for our hands ... now we just need to have Sony and Honeyslug release an official Hohokum-scented candle and Hohokum-flavored candies and we'll have all five primary senses covered!
[Image: Sony]

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Sunless Sea Emerald update adds new regions to sail, fear

A few patches of the Unterzee's oceanic void Contributing Editor Mike Suszek approached in our Early Access Sunless Sea review have been properly charted – as in, developer Failbetter Games has actually implemented those areas into the build available via Steam in this week's Emerald update.

Players can now explore the Sea of Autumns, the Salt Lions and the Iron Republic, but casting off on a new venture no longer involves a sense of direction earned from previous discoveries. A press release states that Sunless Sea's map now changes "every time you play," so just because you've become acquainted with certain territories doesn't mean their locations will be familiar.

The Emerald update improves the sense of direction used by zee-bats and allows players to name their ship. It also boosts Sunless Sea's script beyond 100,000 words, but we'd use far fewer to describe Sunless Sea's unsettling brand of sea life: "gross," "what the hell is that" and "creepy enough to dine at Red Lobster in hopes of consuming its ancestors and preventing its existence" all come to mind.
[Image: Failbetter Games]

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Randal from Kevin Smith's Clerks to voice Randal's Monday

Fans of Kevin Smith's 1994 geek-comedy film Clerks (or its raunchy 2006 sequel) might want to take note of Randal's Monday, a point-and-click adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment and Nexus Game Studios coming this fall to PC. Why? Because Randal of Randal's Monday will be voiced by Randal of Clerks, actor Jeff Anderson.

"When we first started to design this story in that filthy old garage, we could never have imagined that he would end up being the voice of our Randal," lead producer Enric Costa said in a related press release. "Nobody else in the world could ever interpret Randal better than he does. It's like the icing on the cake for this huge project." According to the press release, Anderson will also help develop the game's script.

Randal's Monday is a game that pays homage to nerd culture in more ways than its choice of voice actor; Daedalic and Nexus are populating the game with references and homages a plenty. The game's announcement trailer, for example, combines The Twilight Zone with Freaks and Geeks within the first ten seconds.

We'd close this article with a reference and a link to a clip from Clerks or Clerks 2, but let's keep things family-friendly, yeah?
[Image: Daedalic Games]

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Toxikk double-jumps back to the roots of arena shooters

Modern, competitive FPS spaces typically incorporate regenerating health, skill-boosting experience systems and loadouts, but Toxikk developer Reakktor isn't yearning for any of that. The studio's heart is stuck in the past, when fast-paced, even-playing-field arena FPS games were prominent. Rather than moping about it, Reakktor began work on its PC-only modernization of the arena FPS genre in 2012, which was introduced to the public this week in the above trailer.

Health packs, secondary fire modes and double jumps are more Toxikk's speed, and while an XP system will be present, it will be used purely for matchmaking and unlocking cosmetic character skins. Reakktor is big on player skill being the only differentiating factor in matches, so all Toxikk players will respawn with a melee weapon and pistol, with a selection from nine additional weapons up for grabs throughout maps.

Speaking of maps, Toxikk will have 8-player Classic Maps that are focused on intimate, fast-paced shootouts, but its 16-player Massive Maps offer room for bigger battles and vehicles. Toxikk's site also notes that "all registered players can apply for a FREE SDK" to build maps and characters, with Reakktor planning to build a hub-like website to host user-generated content.

You can wait for the game to launch on Steam, but if you want in on the action as soon as possible, Steam keys bundled with beta access are available on Toxikk's site. A Steam Key with Beta access goes for $15, with discounts, player skins and other bonuses offered in higher funding tiers. Reakktor expects the first shots to be fired in Toxikk's beta somewhere in Q4 of this year.
[Image: Reakktor Studios]

Majora's Mask HD fan project shows off new assets

Artists Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martinez have been hard at work at recreating a multitude of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask assets in high-definition, resulting in the video you see above, as well as the small puddle of drool you see at our feet.

The pair released a concept trailer back in 2012, but with new assets revealed in the video released earlier today, it appears that Belmonte and Martinez are still working through the plethora of enemies and locations from Majora's Mask. Sadly, we doubt such a thing will ever be playable; if not due to Nintendo shutting it down, then due to the project's own scope. Nowhere in the video description is it implied that this is meant to be a playable game, but that "its ultimate purpose is to be presented to Nintendo Co."

Still, Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma did say that Nintendo was "seriously considering" a re-release of Majora's Mask. Quick, everyone! Cling to vain hope! Cling as hard as you can!
[Image: Nintendo/Pablo Belmonte & Paco Martinez]

A Halo 2 cutscene transforms for The Master Chief Collection

How much work does Blur Studio put into revamping and remaking Halo 2's cutscenes for Halo 2 Anniversary? Quite a bit more than the minute-and-a-half's worth you see in the video above, but we're okay with a highlight reel.

If you want to see just how far visual fidelity has progressed since 2004 and the original Xbox, take a look at the trailer Microsoft, 343 Industries and Blur showed during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year and watch as Miranda Keyes transforms from polygonal puppet to a soldier straight out of the uncanny valley.

If Blur's work makes you hungry for more, you won't have to wait much longer: Halo 2 Anniversary will be included as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which hits Xbox One on November 11 this year.
[Image: Blur Studio]

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